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Jock William Doubleday

5 August 2013 •

My eBook “Spontaneous Creation: 101 Reasons Not to Have Your Baby in a Hospital, Volume 1” is available.

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“This first part of a two-volume gem . . . should be required reading for mothers-to-be, long before they get pregnant and take that first step into the medicalized world of obstetrics. . . . The author lays out for us, mincing no words, why hospitals are such dangerous places. Even if you think you know all of this already, consider the book for those friends and family members who still believe in the dominant U.S. cultural childbirth paradigm.”

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If you are interested in reading Volume One of my eBook, please send $4 to my PayPal account [email protected] with the words “Spontaneous Creation, Volume 1” in the subject line.

Volume One is 350 pages long.

Jock Doubleday


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