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“I have a 7.5 month old daughter and did as much research on everything they do as I knew to before she was born. I decided against the Vitamin K injection and all vaccines. I said no to the silver nitrate in her eyes as well. I did 1 milligram of oral Vitamin K every week for 12 weeks, all together 13 doses, as her doctor told me to do. The pharmacy made the second dose she got from me and they added preservatives to it without my consent. It really upset me but I gave it to her before I ever found this out. I did it myself after that.

It feels so good to be on your site reading the things you post about the vaccines and all the other unnecessary things they are doing to our children. I have been verbally attacked by people for my choices about my child. I no longer have ANY relationship with my husband’s family because of my refusal to vaccinate. It breaks my heart that so many people are so blind to the truth and that I get attacked by people I thought were my family because I won’t subject my child to cruel and unnecessary practices.

The one thing that still upsets me is the premature clamping of the umbilical cord. It was something that was CLEARLY stated in my birth letter to my doctors. It was also known to my entire family. My mother, husband, and mother-in-law were in the room when I had my beautiful daughter. My husband, apparently overwhelmed, along with the two other support people, and the doctor all forgot that I had made it perfectly clear, even during labor, not to touch her umbilical cord, yet they clamped and cut it before I even knew what was happening as I was utterly exhausted when she came out. It’s something that I will ALWAYS regret now. I urge parents to stick to your guns no matter what happens. I have lost relationships with people I thought loved and cared for me because of my choices, but I will still NEVER change my mind.”

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Posted On 3/26/2010

“I also made it clear that I didn’t want my daughter’s cord clamped early but my doctor had no respect for any of my wishes. It still pains me a year after her birth that I caved to pressures and had a hospital birth, when doing it at home would have eliminated so many early stresses on both of us. Now I’m trying to remember if they ever gave us a choice on the vit K shot. I know we said we didn’t want the Hep B shot, and I sincerely hope they didn’t decide to just slip that in there when they decided to take her away for a heel blood test that apparently took 4 HOURS. Never again! It’s just too stressful to have to worry about the hospital staff going against your wishes and have the stress of labor at the same time. It’s midwives and home births for us from now on. Now I just need to stop torturing myself with all the wondering about whether certain difficulties, like not being able to establish breast feeding, could have been avoided by never going near the hospital. Thankfully I at least had a pediatrician who encouraged use of the breast pump instead of just throwing formula at me.”

Posted On 3/27/2010

“This story could be repeated by most mothers about their experience giving birth. In our culture we have many women with anxiety difficulties and depression. Is it any wonder with the way they and newborns are treated??

Ten years after the birth of my first child, I still feel helpless and weak because my words were absolutely ignored in the hospital, and my mother’s gut was telling me these procedures were torture on my child. I have lingering fear from the quasi-threats the hospital staff gave me and the fact that they sent a social worker to my home 3 months after the birth of my son. The social worker was clearly annoyed her time had been wasted because my son was already rolling over, muttering “Mom” and sitting up on his own. But it was clear to me she was sent because I tried to refuse Vit K, silver nitrate eye drops and being separated from my child. I also refused all vaccines.

As a brand new mother I lacked the confidence to know I was absolutely correct to follow my instinct to do absolutely nothing but hold and nurse my child. I knew in every cell of body he was completely healthy; I had honestly never known anything so strongly in my life. I can’t explain in words the way I absolutely knew he was safe and healthy (8 lbs and full term with no complications), yet the hospital staff were full of “this could go wrong and that could go wrong” or “you wouldn’t want to endanger your child by not giving this shot” (with a threatening undertone).

The ONLY realistic solution is for the father of the child or some other absolutely committed person to back up the mother 100% and be a very strong, calm firewall between the hospital and the mother/child; or the midwife and the child.

Treating newborns so cruelly leaves the mother with lasting feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and anxiety/depression. The power of a positive Mother on a child is significant and if we want a mentally healthy culture, we need to treat newborn babies and their mothers with respect.”


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“I refused my son’s Hep B vac when he was born. After reviewing his records, I now know the hospital gave him the Hep B vac anyway. I am furious! The hospital gave me a hard time about refusing. I didn’t budge yet they still chose to inject him. PARENTS BEWARE!!”


“This is why my son NEVER left my room without me. They needed to weigh him and what not and decided to come to my room at 3 am hoping I would say “just take him”… nope! I got my butt outta bed and walked him and stayed with him the entire time. The staff wasn’t thrilled, but I didn’t care.”


“That Vitamin K Shot is what made me decide on a home birth after watching a nurse give a baby the shot, baby was crying and she just dropped it back into the “glass box” without comforting him/her. That did it for me.”

Alayna Staggers


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