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Flu Vaccination and Government Lies

Jon Rappoport If you control the use of words and numbers, you can make trillions of dollars, and you can hide scandals that would otherwise take you down into infamy and prison. You can pretty much operate a whole sector of society and remain untouched. Nowhere is this more clear than in the criminal work […]

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The Shingles Vaccine: Help or Hype?

Sarah The Health Economist Pharmacies are pushing very hard to promote the shingles vaccine in my local community at the moment. Signs are everywhere for adults 60 and older to get the “recommended” shingles vaccine and that they are available every single day! At $219 plus tax per jab, the shingles vaccine is certainly not […]

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The CDC’s Vaccination Agenda and the Rise of Shingles

A new systematic review published in PLoS titled, “Herpes Zoster Risk Reduction through Exposure to Chickenpox Patients: A Systematic Multidiscplinary Review,” confirms that the widespread adoption of chickenpox vaccine over the past 30 years, which has resulted in a decline in chickenpox cases associated with infection from the wild-circulating virus, has lead to a concerning […]

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Should My Child Be Vaccinated?

By Shane Ellison Vaccine talk is riddled with shoddy science, emotional arguments, convoluted explanations and all out quackery. Very little common sense shines its way through the murky vaccine debate. Rather than question the safety and efficacy of vaccines, most physicians and parents blindly “immunize” children. Rarely do they ask the lifesaving question of, “Will […]

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A Chiropractor’s Views About Vaccination

There’s never been a topic that is more polarizing than politics and religion…until you throw vaccines into the mix. A year ago in May 2012, I wrote my Crystal Clear Stance on Vaccinations (which aren’t Immunizations). Over the past week, that post went from a few hits/day to a few THOUSAND hits/day due to it […]

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Vaccination vs Immunization

Clarification needs to be created regarding VACCINATION vs. IMMUNIZATION. I’m all for immunization. The problem created by media and pharmaceutical influence is that people equate immunization with vaccination. Vaccination is simply injecting something into your body. This does not create immunity for your body. These are 2 totally separate entities. This will be lengthy, I […]

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