Autism, Beyond Despair: CEASE Therapy – Dr Tinus Smits MD

Autism Beyond Despair CEASE Therapy - Dr Tinus Smits MD 1


A great great book ALL parents with Autistic children should read.
No beating around the bush on what causes ‘autism’!
The pharmaceutical manufacturers, CDC, FDA, AMA, WHO…..won’t tell you the dangers of vaccines.’Parents find out the hard way and some never do.
This book goes into the detox process, vitamins, homeopathics.
Sadly, one in 56 kids now have autism, talk about epidemics….

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When I was first introduced to this wonderful book, I thought it would be like my other books, read a few page and go on to the next book. Boy, was I wrong. The minute I read the first few pages, I couldn’t put it down. One of the easiest book to read and full of great information for those who want to help someone with autism. Dr. Tinus Smits has done a remarkable job writing this masterpiece. For those of you who know someone in the world of autism, please read this book. You will gain much more knowledge and most importantly you will help someone who has autism.
Sima Ash


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