Birth As We Know It

I recently purchased (for only US$12) a download of this wonderful 74-min documentary about the miracle of childbirth by Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova:


“I bought the dvd and show it to everyone, I cried from my heart the whole way through, this is the most transformative film I have ever seen.”
Andrea Foulkes

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Here is the 30-min educational version of the documentary:

REVIEW By Ginny St. John

A self-described “curious, shape-shifting, little explorer moving through the vastness of our Universe,” Elena Tonetti is an extraordinary gift to the rest of us on this planet! Her mission: to transform the world through new birthing practices and, for those of us many years PAST being birthed, personal transformation through a special “recoding” process she presents in her teachings entitled, “Birth into Being”.

“Peoplemaking is nothing short of a miracle. We cannot afford to disregard that notion any longer if we are to survive as a species. A pregnant woman is participating in an event of miraculous significance. She is bringing into existence something that did not exist before. Such an event should not be habitually taken for granted and treated mechanically. We see the mechanical approach to gestation and birth as one of the major factors that has already brought our civilization to the brink of extinction. Isn’t it time to wake up and try something different?”

From 1982 through 1989 Ms. Tonetti helped usher in the “conscious birth” movement in Russia. Working closely with Igor Charkovsky during that time, Elena initiated birth camps at the Black Sea where wild dolphins regularly accompanied deliveries. Natural water births such as these are the culmination of a very effective program of preparation achieved during pregnancy that minimizes the risk of birth trauma for everybody involved. Through Elena’s work a much deeper understanding now exists about the correlation between a child’s formative experiences (i.e. conception, gestation, birthing, first year of life) and subsequent behavioral patterns of the adult.

“According to William Emerson’s 1995 study published in the Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health, in the United States a staggering 95% of births are traumatic, 45% are rated as “severe damage” and 50% considered “moderate” trauma. It weakens the nation rapidly. This has to change. We see the existing habitual, widely accepted practices in the delivery room as a crime against humanity.” (Both quotes originate from her article entitled, “Waterbirth”.)




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