Blowing smoke up our arses

If a doctor, nurse or anyone else recommends that you or your child get vaccinated, they are – to use a slang expression – “blowing smoke up your arse.”

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The expression “blowing smoke up your arse” originates from a bizarre medical practice which started in the 18th century.

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When Doctors Literally “Blew Smoke Up Your Arse”

Soon after this folly got a grip on the medical minds of the time, yet another bizarre medical procedure was inflicted on the hapless public. This one was devised by the English country doctor Edward Jenner and launched by him in 1796. This medical superstition was hailed as one of the greatest medical discoveries of all time (a typical instance of blowing smoke up our arses) and was so able to develop into a multi-billion dollar global industry.

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Read about the horrendous effects of Jenner’s barbaric cowpox vaccine against smallpox in this historical document:

One would like to think that medical science has progressed since the medical Dark Ages when doctors blew smoke up people’s rectums and when pus was harvested from festering lesions inflicted on calves, then used to inoculate people against smallpox. Medical science has certainly progressed tremendously in some areas, but babies and infants are still shamelessly brutalised, traumatised and poisoned for profit under the pretext of “immunising” them, using the smoke-up-your-arse technique to persuade parents to submit their children to this useless, dangerous and often fatal procedure.

If anything, things have actually gone from bad to worse, because although blowing smoke up people’s rectums was ineffective, it was unlike vaccination also harmless. Vaccination is similarly ineffective, but unlike the smoke treatment very harmful. The trail of mayhem and destruction left in the wake of vaccination has led to the coining of the term ‘vaccine-holocaust.’ As Aldous Huxley once observed, “Medical science has made such tremendous progress that there is hardly a healthy human left.”

In summary, there can be no true medical progress until the medical profession ditches vaccinations and stops blowing smoke up our backsides – or rather, until we all boycott vaccines of any kind and no longer allow medical morons to give us the smoke-up-the-rectum treatment to facilitate the systematic poisoning of defenseless children.

Here is a great video showing what things were like before measles was promoted as a variant of Ebola via the above-mentioned smoke treatment:

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