Breastmilk Is Not Just Food – by Hilary Butler

by Hilary Butler

15 October 2012

Interestingly, in my 30 years of working with parents of children who have been damaged after vaccines, by far the worst damage I’ve ever seen, was in formula-fed children. It’s got to the point where, if a mother comes to me wanting help with a child with serious health issues showing up after vaccines, I can pretty much predict the answer to the question, “Is your baby breastfed?”

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Breast milk is NOT just food.

Breast milk has functions which go far beyond nutrition.

Breast milk has a dramatic and long term effect not only on the immune system development, but gut flora, allergy, brain development, and other health parameters.

Breast milk is an immune regulator, a hormone conductor, a bone density wizard and a genetic blueprint scanner.

It is a gene methylator, and two years of breast milk lays, stabilises and solidifies the core genetic manual of health for your child, for that child’s whole life.

Add stem cells to that list.

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