Cancers at Vaccine Injection Sites

Some years ago, I set up a vaccination information stall at a natural health event (in Auckland) here in New Zealand. I was then approached by a man who told me that he was a Vietnam War veteran and that he had a cancer surgically removed which had developed at the vaccine injection site on his shoulder where he was injected with vaccines while in the military.

A few minutes later a woman who said she was a hospital nurse told me that she had a cancer surgically removed from the vaccine injection site on her shoulder.

Some time later, a mother contacted me and told me that her daughter had to have a cancer surgically removed from her thigh where she had been injected with a vaccine or vaccines.

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I then found out that animals, particularly dogs, commonly develop cancer at vaccine injection sites. It would in my opinion be interesting to obtain statistics to find out how many cancers develop at vaccine injection sites, although it would of course be difficult if not impossible to determine whether a cancer was caused by the vaccination, or – though unlikely – it had developed at the injection site by coincidence.

It would of course also be interesting to compare cancer rates in vaccinated people with cancer rates in unvaccinated people, as well as cancer rates in people who were given SV-40 monkey virus-contaminated polio vaccines in the late 1950s and early 1960s with cancer rates in people who were not vaccinated against polio at the time.

Today I was sent some photos with comments by a woman who is treating a cancer which developed at the vaccine injection site in her shoulder with a natural remedy. Here is her account:

“I had a persistent scab on my left shoulder for many months, so decided to use the Cansema black salve I ordered from Alpha Omega Labs to get rid of it. I won’t let doctors cut, poison or burn me as I consider them and their treatment dangerous, so prefer to look after my own health as far as is practical for me to do so. I love black salve!!! I have already successfully treated my nose, cheek, chin and back for skin cancers. It however takes time as one should only treat one area at a time to give the immune system the opportunity to do its job.

The scab developed at the injection site on my shoulder, I suspect in response to a tetanus vaccination, but I also had a series of 3 hep b shots in that area 20 years ago and probably had several other shots in the shoulder prior to this as well. I’m wondering if it is a substance or substances in the vaccine and/or the needle injuries which triggered the cancer by interfering with or interrupting normal cell growth.

Here is a photo of the vaccination site from which I am removing the cancer with Cansema black salve:

I’m currently applying the 6th treatment to get the cancer out of my left shoulder. It goes DEEP! Each time more has come out. It often takes a few applications of the black salve. Common practice is to reapply after each treatment has run its course. When there is no further reaction, one is in the clear. I’ve been at it since November 2012.


This was what emerged as a result of one of the treatments:


It took about 3 weeks for it to work its way out. It has been a tedious and painful process but well worth it to get all the affected cells out of there. I will keep you posted on my progress.”

T. L.


Thanks to T.L. for sharing this!

The body often encapsulates the contents of the vaccine injected by surrounding them with calcium, I suspect in an effort to prevent further damage if the vaccine poisons were to spread and move to other parts of the body, particularly in the case of neurotoxic metals such as aluminium (aluminum in the US). As a result of the chronic irritation at the vaccination site the nodule(s) may then become carcinogenic. I suspect that the walls of the nodules may also prevent the black salve from penetrating as easily as it otherwise would, as in the case of some skin cancers only one application of the salve is sometimes necessary.

Please note that if black salve is used to treat skin cancer on the nose, only a very small area should be treated at one time, then allowed to heal before treating another small area because if the entire nose is treated at once it may cause the nose to become disfigured due to excessive loss of tissue caused by treating too large an area at the same time!


Please also note that it is illegal to advertise or sell black salve in some countries including the USA, Australia and New Zealand as black salve – though very effective – isn’t an officially approved cancer treatment.

– Spanish version or the above article:

Cáncer en el sitio de la inyección de la vacuna


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