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Chemotherapy is a nasty business

Anne Armstrong‎ to Vaccination Information Network (VINE) April 9, 2016 · West Greenwich, RI, United States · This was a year ago and we still haven’t done anything?!?! I’m sitting here in the Senate HHS committee listening to an expert testify that chemotherapy agents can cause cancer, miscarriages and birth defects in family members and […]

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Processed milk is not good for health!

This Common Food Destroys Your Bones From The Inside But Almost Everyone Drinks It Every Day! January 23, 2016 Milk is the only beverage still aggressively pushed on children as a health promoting food when it is the exact opposite – a disease promoting food. Drinking pasteurized milk is not nearly as good for general […]

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These five pain relief drugs are dangerous

Please note that this is information is a repost of an advertisement for a natural pain relief supplement. The important thing is to realise that commonly used pain relief drugs are dangerous as they can cause serious harm, including death, sometimes by triggering an often fatal condition known as Reye’s Syndrome. Link to original webpage […]

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Infant immunity – Dr Suzanne Humphries and Hilary Butler

Infant Immunity with Dr Suzanne Humphries and Hilary Butler. Introduction: The case of Luke Infant Immunity Part I: Pregnancy, with Dr. Suzanne Humphries Infant Immunity Part II: Aluminum, vaccines, and fetal brain development, with Dr. Suzanne Humphries Infant Immunity Part III: Birth, placenta, breastmilk with Hilary Butler Infant Immunity Part IV: Infant vaccination with Dr […]

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Curing cancer naturally

Did this grandfather, 78, really beat ‘incurable’ cancer just by changing his diet? Extraordinary story of the man who got ‘all-clear’ after swapping red meat and dairy products for 10 fruit and veg a day Doctors told Allan Taylor, 78, in April that his cancer couldn’t be treated and had spread from his colon to […]

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Toxic Herbicide Spraying in New Zealand

For years, successive New Zealand governments have denied a generational effect from exposure to 2,4,5-T and 2,4-D and the by-products of dioxins. 44 million litres of Agent Orange (2,4,5-T and 2,4-D) sprayed in Vietnam & 20 million litres sprayed in New Zealand, their next highest user. RELATED: – 40 Years On, the Vietnam War Continues […]

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What is nanotechnology doing in our food?

Nanotechnology in Our Food Nanotechnology is a powerful but novel platform for taking apart and reconstructing nature at the atomic and molecular level with important human and environmental health ramifications. Common food related products that contain nanotechnology include candies (M&M’s, Skittles), baby bottles, and plastic storage containers. While scientists agree that nanomaterials create novel risks […]

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Vegetable oils health warning

The ugly truth about vegetable oils (and why they should be avoided) by robin of In case you didn’t know: Vegetable oils are bad. Bad news. Bad for your health. Bad for the environment. Just bad. I get a lot of questions about what fats and oils I use for cooking. It makes sense; […]

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Fluoride a highly toxic industrial waste product

Fluoride is a highly toxic and highly carcinogenic industrial waste product disposed of at a profit via municipal drinking water supplies and more recently also via the global chemtrail spraying programme. ———- VIDEOS – FLUORIDEGATE An American Tragedy – a David Kennedy film – The Great Culling: Our Water – Dr. Dean Burk – Fluoride […]

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