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Vaccine Injury is Not Rare!

Carla Moscatelli‎ 29 April 2018 My son and only child was born healthy and perfect in May of 2015.This is him at 6 months old. He was only sick 2 times before his 18 month well visit. He was saying words, playing peek a boo, teasing our dog, running through the house yelling my name […]

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My HPV-Vaccine Injury Story – Chloe

Hello everyone, I’m an 18-year-old girl who has a bundle of debilitating chronic conditions after being injured by the HPV vaccine. In October 2016 I died and came back to life due to the severity of my damaged ANS – I was resuscitated and put on life support until my internal organs recovered and until […]

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Gardasil Ireland

– Show-down in Ireland over Gardasil HEALTH SERVICES LET THIS HAPPEN | Jonathan Irwin, Ireland 2017 Jonathan Irwin, Founder of Jack and Jill Foundation, Describes His Daughter’s Gardasil Vaccine Injury REGRET – Reactions and Effects of Gardasil Resulting in Extreme Trauma REGRET on Facebook REGRET on the internet: RELATED: FactCheck: No, […]

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MRI Scan Warning

A contrast substance used to enhance MRI results is causing a wide range of health problems and even some deaths. – The Dangers of Gadolinium – FDA MRI Contrast Gadolinium Warnings – Gadolinium, Toxic Element Used in MRIs: The FDA Fails Again Also watch this informative video on the topic HERE – MRI Gadolinium Contrast […]

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My Son’s Vaccine Reaction – Amy Mitten-Smith

Serious adverse events caused by vaccinations are by no means rare, and certainly a lot more common than “one in a million” as is often claimed. In reality, EVERY vaccinated child is a vaccine-injured child, even if the harm that has been caused is not obvious, because a vaccinated child’s is inevitably negatively affected by […]

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