Cause of death following vaccination ruled “undetermined”

Cause of death following vaccination ruled “undetermined”

by Feliciana Mckissick

10517977_302361843277454_2185866257252584880_n My son Malik Khalil Milbourne January 28,2014-March 29,2014

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I snapped this picture of my son Malik Khalil at his 2-month appointment on March 28, 2014, right before he got his shots. He passed away later that very night. As you can see, he was an extremely healthy baby. I also have a video of him rolling over on our sofa as well as a video of him lifting and turning his head from side to side.

After harassing the coroner I finally got his autopsy results on July 29th 2014 got his autopsy results; the cause of death was ruled “undetermined”….are you serious??? S.I.D.S and S.U.D.S were over ruled and I was told all test came back negative. I’m sorry but that is extremely hard to believe. So I started investigating and researching myself, but when I began to ask questions, they treated me as a criminal. They harassed me and they interrogated me. Not only that, but they questioned my other two children as well about me as a mother. And because they could find no fault in me, they give me the run-around. They harassed me, but now it’s my turn! I deserve truthful answers, not what you think I should hear.

I went through so much, but now that I need answers they cut me short, I assume because they may think that I am just a young black woman who wouldn’t care and would never take the time to look into this…WRONG!!!!! I won’t rest until I find truth. Does anyone have any legal advice on what steps to take?? Help or no help, I will bring my baby boy justice, God willing. I won’t rest until I do. My precious baby needs his mommy to speak up for him and for all of the other children in the world to possibly help save them…..I love u my son….mommy and your brothers love you so much and so does everyone else who you have touched. I’ll fight for you my love until I get answers or until I leave this cruel world and join you.


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