Chemotherapy is a nasty business

Anne Armstrong‎ to Vaccination Information Network (VINE)
April 9, 2016 · West Greenwich, RI, United States ·

This was a year ago and we still haven’t done anything?!?!

I’m sitting here in the Senate HHS committee listening to an expert testify that chemotherapy agents can cause cancer, miscarriages and birth defects in family members and health care workers who are exposed to the sweat, urine and feces, vomit and saliva of patients up to a week after treatment. Even the spouses of cancer patients excrete these drugs at higher rates than considered safe.
The 27 drugs cannot be cleared out by wastewater treatment facilities. If you have a septic system and a well, it will linger in the soil for years and contaminate the groundwater.
There are two kinds of pediatric cancer that are always caused by exposure to a family member’s excreted chemotherapy agents. One form always requires a bone marrow transplant and is nearly always fatal.

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I’m waiting to testify that PTSD victims should be able to use safe, non-toxic cannabis without fear of arrest.



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