Childbirth without Fear – by Grantly Dick-Read


Amazon Reviews of ‘Childbirth without Fear: The Principles and Practice of Natural Childbirth’
by Grantly Dick Read:

Childbirth Without Fear was practically my Bible during my 2 pregnancies and deliveries in early 1960’s. The author’s premise is that the more informed a woman is about the delivery of her child, and the more she is informed about how she can work with the experience rather than fight against it, the more meaningful and precious is the experience, for both mother and baby. I had 2 deliveries with absolutely no sedation, and I wouldn’t trade the experiences for anything. It was such a joy to be totally aware of the experience, as opposed to being knocked out with drugs and missing it all. The author could have made the book a little smaller without lessening the enormous impact it can have on the attitudes of women and medical personnel involved.
Heather Tueffel, Lauderdale, MN – September 30, 2010

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I have come on Amazon because I am once again buying it for a woman who is pregnant as without a doubt, this book made my two experiences of giving birth absolutely wonderful. My mother bought this book for me when I was pregnant with my first son in 1983. She had read it in the fifties and delivered five children in four years (Yes – I’m a twin). She said this book had been “her bible”, and despite the dim view of natural childbirth in the fifties, she demanded to be allowed to choose natural deliveries.

It’s so refreshing to read something about delivering a baby that isn’t filled with dread, fear or pain. It’s uplifting and rings true.

I’ve often referred this book to pregnant women. Four of them, who were friends, called me from the hospital after delivering their babies to thank me for giving them this book, as it had made their experience just as great as mine.
Kim C Pador, Discovery Bay, CA, USA, April 8, 2011


I gave birth to two kids back in the 60’s. I read Childbirth Without Fear and took Natural Childbirth classes. I had them both at home and I can honestly say that I had nothing more than discomfort at times. This book tells you what to expect, so getting rid of the fear of the unknown. I had no drugs and no problems. And, since I had them at home, no hospital bills. I bought this book for a friend and I’m wishing her a wonderful experience also.


I highly recommend this book to every woman who is pregnant for the first time. The descriptions of the muscle structure of the uterus and exactly how they work together to contract is the most useful information I was given before delivery. I am a bit of a scientist and really like data, and this book gave it to me – and helped me to get through my first delivery, start to finish, in 4 hours without medication or epidural.

It is interesting to note that the author nearly lost his medical license over his beliefs in the power of women to control their own bodies in delivery. When he wrote this, doctors sedated women and tied them down and delivered the babies themselves. Dr. Dick-Read said this is ridiculous, look at these millions of women around the world who have been doing this for ages – let’s just empower them. And he writes of many examples of the self-empowered deliveries he has seen.

I am forever grateful to this brave man who dared to challenge the medical society at the time, and gave such a powerful story to all women who will be delivering their baby through their birth canals.
Lisa G. Bennett, Sunnyvale, CA USA – January 5, 2012


I read this book many years ago when I was a teen, we’re talking ’50s. I had five births, each one with the guidance of this book. I had no anesthetics. I had no pain. My doctors said I used ‘self hypnosis’, but whatever! I really had no pain. My last child was born in bed. That happened because with my fifth birth, I knew when he was due to be born. I also knew the doctor was not there, and while I was in the hospital (Ketchikan AK) I opted to let the birth begin even if I was still in my bed. They were not happy with me, but I delivered a healthy son with no pain. You just need to relax, focus outside your body, and trust. Unless you have complications, you too could experience this wonderful event. Give it a try. It is a wondrous experience.
By Reetz from Bellingham, WA, USA – January 9, 2012


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