Death by Medicine

My Post Makes The CBC News Yesterday……..

by Jason Christoff

I made the CBC news yesterday with one of my facebook posts about science and medicine leading the way with the slaughter of the public, regarding a court case where two parents are charged with neglect of their child, causing death. So yesterday my message box was chalked full of commentary from various herds of sheep from around Canada, some polite, some not so polite, asking me how I can’t believe in science.

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Well, here’s the problem. As I stated in the facebook post that made the news, the medical system is the leading cause of premature death in the US, killing over 1 million US citizens prematurely each year. Since Canada uses the same cut, poison and burn medical structure….we know Canada is no different. So medicine and science kill people. That should raise some pretty big trust issues in intelligent people. It’s already proven. Here’s the documented research.

We have scientists like this medical doctor who faked data for 21 medical studies, which got some very toxic drugs approved, and those drugs went on to be the cause of hundreds of thousands of patient deaths. There’s that “medical murder” thing again. What’s not to trust? Then here we have evidence that nearly half of all medical research is fraudulent. Then we have hundreds of documentaries like this one proving that the government and drug companies are knowingly marketing fatal poisons as medicine.

Basically you can understand why so many want to live inside their fabricated fantasy land of government and media illusion, and that’s because the reality of the situation is so scary that clinging to that illusion is all some people can muster. These people can’t see with the eyes they have because they no longer control the minds they have. We’ll let the children cling to their child like fantasy of altruistic governments that lie to the public, health care poisons etc etc. The real adults will take it from here, regarding providing intelligent commentary on what’s really going on out there.




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