DPT and Prevnar Vaccines Killed Our Son

Zane was the 15-month-old son of my best friend Tanya. Zane had Roseola when he had his DTap vaccination and the Prevnar on July 1st. He was put to bed on the night of July 2nd 2014 and was found not breathing 10 minutes later, his mother was called at work and rushed home where medflight took her son to the hospital an hour away. Tests were run and it was found that Zane had little to no brain activity. Tanya and her significant other Wesley who has taken care of Zane as his own son were told the end was near and Zane would have to be taken off all life-assisting measures, and would pass away. Zane became an angel on the evening of July 4 2014. Zane’s cause of death was bacterial pneumonia that he got from his pneumonia vaccination. Zane was taken off life support by someone at the hospital and Tanya only got 5 minutes to hold him after he was pronounced dead……

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