Dr. Andrew Wakefield: “CDC plans to impose medical tyranny”

“CDC proposes rule to apprehend and detain anyone, anywhere and at any time for any duration without due process or right of appeal and administer forced vaccinations.”

The above quote and the excerpts which follow are from a briefing by Dr. Andrew Wakefield on 3 September 2016.

“Wow, okay, I guess we knew this was coming. The Centers for Disease Control has proposed a rule to apprehend anyone, anywhere, at any time without due process or right of appeal and to hold this person in quarantine as long as the CDC wants an no one can refuse.”

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In his editorial in response to an article about the above the editor states:

“This is the kind of thing the second amendment is deigned to protect Americans from.”

Dr. Wakefield:

“That’s quite right. The second amendment as I understand it is that there is a right to bear arms so you can overthrow or defend yourself against a tyrannical government and this is what this is really about.

This is extraordinary. The CDC is I believe putting themselves in a position where – on their call – they can really come down hard on the vaccine refusers. Anyone who questions their decision can now be subject to the rule of law. This is presumably an executive law, since the CDC is part of the executive branch of government, I believe.

This is a really, really worrying turn of events. It only needs the CDC to anticipate e.g. an outbreak of measles on the basis of one or two cases to then forcibly detain people for an indefinite period and to force vaccinate them, a very dangerous state of affairs.

So, this clearly is I think a panic response, so what we are looking at here is that they are desperate. The vaccine uptake is falling, nobody believes them any more. They have lied, they have lied, they have lied again and now they are faced with a situation where they are going to have to, by rule of law, by rule by force, vaccinate people because the lie has grown too big. It’s a very alarming situation.

You see, vaccination – historically – has required public confidence in vaccine policy makers. And because that confidence has now been eroded, based on the lies we have been told and the damage that has been done that is self-evident, then they have to become increasingly coercive, so that they pass vaccine mandates, they take away the opportunity to go to school, or to have access to welfare unless your children are vaccinated. And that is not something that is based on public confidence – that is a failure when you have to force people to do things – that is based on the failure of the system.

And now they are moving one step further, where they can imprison and detain at a moment’s notice for an indefinite period of time without any right of appeal anyone it seems who represents a threat to their public health dictates.


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