Dr. Andrew Wakefield: If I had a baby now, I would not give them a vaccine

This is an excerpt from Episode 7 of the highly recommended documentary series The Truth About Vaccines

TTAV producer Ty Bollinger:
Dr. Wakefield, last question for you. If you had a young child now, what would you do as far as vaccinating or not vaccinating?

Andrew Wakefield:
Just a little backstory to this, when I first got involved, based upon the parent’s story, I was looking at MMR. I was concerned about that. The more I got involved in it, the more concerned I became. I started hearing from the U.S. about the Thimerosal mercury preservative, about aluminum as an adjuvant, about formaldehyde, fetal cells, contaminants, retroviruses.

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And I came to the conclusion, after a lot of research, that if I had a baby now, I would not give them a vaccine until someone can prove to me that the vaccines are individually and collectively safe. That the schedule is safe. There’s been no testing of that schedule.And so, at the moment, I wouldn’t give a newborn baby of mine any vaccines.

When I come to meetings, like the one we’re at now, CalJam, where chiropractors bring their babies, they actually bring them and they sit in the back. The babies are so well-behaved, and you look at them and they engage you. They’ve got great eye contact. They engage.


They are so far ahead of the children we see in the community. They’ve never had a vaccine. It makes you think, “Wow!” It’s terrifying. It’s actually terrifying to see how healthy they are, because it makes you realize that we have done something really very, very bad.



– Dr Andrew Wakefield on Vaccination

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