Dr Andrew Wakefield

“Every time I have opportunity to hear Dr. Wakefield speak I am inspired by his personal courage … fearlessly speaking “truth to power” after having lost his profession and country.

Webster’s defines “Strong” thus:

“physically powerful” .. “morally or intellectually”

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And so .. there are two types of courage

#1 .. physical courage .. such as .. police officers and fire personnel running towards danger .. while other are running frantically in the opposite direction. Think of 9/11 and those burning towers about to collapse.

(No one dares disparage the “physical courage” of first responders. However …)

#2 .. moral and intellectual courage .. such as .. Dr. Wakefield .. standing fast .. standing tall .. STRONG .. in spite of a well organized .. well funded .. effort to “shame, disparage, destroy” his reputation and career.

I am a senior citizen .. and .. having spent many years as a “first responder” .. I have no doubt the “moral and intellectual” courage of Dr Wakefield far outweighs all the “physical” heroism that I witnessed first hand over a 24 year career in NYPD.

God bless Dr. Wakefield and his entire family!!!!!”

Posted by: Bob Moffitt | May 21, 2015

Source: Moms In Charge Presents Dr. Andrew Wakefield on CDC Whistleblower – By Anne Dachel

Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s strength and integrity come through very strongly in his interviews, including this one:

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