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With all the hype about the deadly flu and the new super flu vaccine I thought I should do some research. After researching I sent a message to my Dad as he has the flu vaccine every year and I said “IF you are going to get the new super flu vaccine for over 65 DO NOT get the FLUAD vaccine, it has the ingredient MF 59 – Squalene.”

MF 59, squalene was used in the Anthrax vaccine given to over 1 million US military Personnel of which 35,000 had adverse reactions, some severe and some disabled. The ingredient MC 59 was linked to these adverse reactions. Watch the documentary “Vaccine Syndrome” it will break your heart with the facts.

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This morning I rang the National Immunisation Program contact line and asked for the High dose FLUZONE and the FLUAD vaccines for over 65 vaccine inserts, they didn’t have the information and told me to Google (ironic!) So I did Google and found the inserts – FLUZONE is called high dose as it has 4 times MORE antigens than other vaccines… to make your body work harder to create antibodies. The FLUAD vaccine is a super vaccine as it has the special ingredient MF59C.1 which is linked to serious adverse reactions as I mentioned above and EVERYONE should research!

Flu vaccines are manufactured and created in egg protein, it lists on the vaccine package insert NOT to have this vaccine IF you have an egg allergy, anaphylaxis or previous allergic reactions… How do you know which vaccine will be that you have a reaction to? How would you know?… Have you ever wondered WHY people have egg allergies?…..

FLUAD vaccine ingredients: Each 0.5 mL dose contains 15 mcg of hemagglutinin (HA) from each of the three recommended influenza strains and MF59C.1 adjuvant (9.75 mg squalene, 1.175 mg of polysorbate 80, 1.175 mg of sorbitan trioleate, 0.66 mg of sodium citrate dihydrate and 0.04 mg of citric acid monohydrate) at pH 6.9-7.7.
FLUAD may contain trace amounts of neomycin (≤ 0.02 mcg by calculation), kanamycin (≤ 0.03 mcg by calculation) and barium (˂ 0.5 mcg by calculation), which are used during the initial stages of manufacture, as well as residual egg proteins (˂ 0.4 mcg), formaldehyde (≤ 10 mcg), or CTAB (≤ 12 mcg).
THANKFULLY FLUAD does not contain a preservative…. WTF?!…

Last year I spoke to mother of a good friend from school, she worked as a nurse in a nursing home and told me it was well known in the nursing home that when flu vaccines were given there would be people.. moving on, more so than normal. This is not the first time I have been told this.

I understand people are concerned about the flu BUT my questions are those that died from the flu did they have pre-existing health conditions? What strain of flu did they die from? Were the people who died Vaccinated? Which vaccine did they get and how long before they died?

FLU vaccines are recombinant vaccines, which means IF scientists can’t make the strain viable in a vaccine they create the desired strain, by mixing different strains together – in other words they are mutating strains of flu in a laboratory and then injecting into the people. Does this sound like a safe science experiment?!

Is the flu vaccine mutating? Why in 2018 do we have a “deadly” flu? Is flu man made or is it natural? Does your body really detox the ingredients? How does your immune system know only to create an immune response to the virus injected and not all the adjuvants? ….What are the long term health effects of injecting the flu vaccine EVERY year for life?
What is the REAL reason for the Government PUSH to get EVERYONE vaccinated for the flu?… customers for life?

TOO many unanswered questions for me…..
Hopefully my dad does his research….
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