Gardasil recovery

Gardasil is a dangerous fraud. This vaccine has made ill, disabled and killed many girls and young women. The plight of Gardasil victims has been largely dismissed as unrelated to the vaccine by the medical establishment and little if any effective help for them has been forthcoming from that quarter. This however doesn’t meant that help is not available from elsewhere,as the video below shows.

Homeopathy and in particular homeopathic CEASE therapy is also an avenue well worth exploring.

As a first aid measure, and as an ongoing treatment, the administration of Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C from LivOn Labs is highly recommended. Gradually increase dosage until the bowels get loose, a sign that the body is trying to flush out any excess vitamin C, then cut back dosage or stop for a while.

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Any stories/case histories of Gardasil-related health problems being alleviated or cured are much appreciated.


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