Happy Healthy Child – Childbirth Education DVD Series


The subjects covered in this series of DVDs is a midwife’s dream come true! Very informative, educational, supports wellness in pregnancy and beyond and debunks the myths people have been lead to believe in for so long with regards to pregnancy and childbirth. We live in a culture that has completely stripped the woman’s power away from her and left her believing that she is incapable of carrying and/or birthing her child without a barrage of medical interventions. This DVD is a regular educational handout to all my mothers, whether it is their first pregnancy or tenth! Sincerely, appreciative midwife!

Veve Cobbs

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My wife just bought this series and “made” me watch it with her. I actually have never written a review but I was so impressed with these four videos that I wanted to share a guy’s point of view. Honestly, now I can’t imagine trying to make it through my wife’s birth being as clueless as I was before we watched them. We actually went to a hospital childbirth class and pretty much learned nothing about the info in them. After watching, my wife decided that she wants to try for a natural birth which I would have never encouraged in the past but now totally get. We also decided that we definitely want to have a doula there to support us both.. ha! Also, although, not an area of interest up to this point in my life, I found all the information on breastfeeding fascinating… and holy cow, in case we are having a boy, I can’t imagine not understanding all about circumcisions before making that decision. My wife has been reading lots of books and although I keep telling her that I am going to read them to and I did want to…kind of… we now both feel like I have gotten all the essentials and more. I would totally recommend this to all of my friends. Dads, you too!

W. Brad Bechtel


Whether you like it or not pregnancy is a holistic experience…

As a practicing prenatal and pediatric chiropractor it is very refreshing to see a DVD set like this come out. Yes it does cover primarily the holistic side of birth but as I tell all of my patients. Whether you like it or not, the world (and your family’s health) is holistic. Kudos to Sarah Kamrath!

This is a much-needed educational series that yes, if your experience has been primarily conventional western medicine, might make you uncomfortable. BUT there is a very important reason for that… Holistic is not a choice. Whether you believe it or not, It is actually the way the world works and we all know it deep down but don’t know what to do when it’s in our face.

If you are new to the holistic side, start slow… when the practitioners in the DVD suggest that you “ask your doctor” questions, write them down and get your answers. Baby Monitoring, Ultrasounds, Ptocin, Epidurals, C-sections, being able to “move” while in labor and deliver in a squatting or side-lying position, etc. all matter holistically. Meaning they affect much more than we all think!

As an example, laying on your back alone closes the birth canal by 25% by changing the angle of your sacrum and it also locks the sacrum in the pelvis keeping it from expanding and contracting during labor. From a holistic sense, this can slow labor times, increase levels of pain, stall birth, and lead to more interventions. A dynamic pelvis allows for baby’s cranium to pump and this is influential on starting baby’s cerebrospinal fluid pump (cranial rhythmic pulse) that has a significant effect on brain development and nervous system health. The pumping of labor is beneficial for baby’s breathing.

In the end, it’s all about peace of mind. That is all I want for my patients…. some choose conventional medicine and I love them just as much as those that choose to focus on holistic. But I teach my patients that blind faith in either side is still blind. Watch the DVD, find answers to the questions that come up and then find your peace as parents. In my opinion, real peace is through education but at the same time, real peace is actually yours to decide upon and no one else’s. Not your doctors, not your chiropractors, not your parents…

This series is going on my office shelves! It enhances my ability to educate my expecting moms and dads and even though I focus on pregnancy and baby in my office, I learned a lot from the best in the field. Thank you Sarah and all those involved!

stanhomdc (San Diego, CA)



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