Hepatitis B Vaccine Reaction And Injury – Marie’s Story

The photo below was taken at about three months of age at a swim party. It has been around the block a time or two so-to-speak, but never before on my personal Facebook page. As I am getting things done at home, I decided to sit down and take a moment to do something for myself, which sometimes means turning on some music and looking through old photos. I think it keeps me going… keeps my mind sharp.. and it’s something my mother and I on occasion did together to remember family and our past.

Today, as I saw this photo I decided to share it here because even some of my close friends either don’t know Marie’s story, or they know very little. Our family tend to be spunky, peppy, “forge ahead” types. It has worked well for us, and Marie is no exception to the rule. When I hear Britt Nicole sing “Set the World On Fire” I think of my sweet Marie.

Weighing in at 4 pounds and 9 ounces (2.07 kg) at 34 weeks and 5 days gestation at birth, she was tiny, but the epitome of health. The nurses came to me with funny stories about her and Matthew before I even had the chance to hold them. One said, “I have never seen anything like it. She is covered with tubes and has been stuck countless times and cried a little but then I swear she looked up and smiled. Then her twin brother is getting stuck with needles right next her and she looks over at him like “Hey, Dude, get over it.. look at me.. you’ll be ok”.”

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Well we all know that newborns don’t smile… and if it looks like they do, it must be gas. The stories kept coming though… from nurses and even a doctor… although the doctor was reluctant to admit it was a smile. It was more like “if I didn’t know better, I would think she just smiled at me”.

It’s a very good thing she had her attitude about life from that early age, because at ten days she would be stuck with the Hepatitis B vaccine regardless of what her father and I wanted to do. I didn’t like the fact that Matthew was too small for a circumcision but that they could be injected with that stuff. They weren’t even old enough to be considered term babies, but the doctors swore that nothing could go wrong… NOTHING!


Yet, within 24 hours she was covered head to toe with the rash you see here… and she was writhing in pain.. screaming… covered in hives… and scratching at herself until she bled. To this day she deals with the aftermath of that vaccine. The rash has lessened, but it is there. As she said as a little girl….it is part of her. It is part of what and who she is. It is her story. But the fact that we have watched other children suffer with the same illness following vaccines and some not live to tell about, it is not acceptable.

Vaccines repeatedly left her speechless, but it didn’t last. Vaccines took her memory from her. She didn’t know her name or age after the Menomune at three years…but it didn’t last. Praise God! That’s all I can say.

Marie has suffered things I really don’t care to mention here, but I can say that I have seen her blow vomit out her nose only to look up at me as if to say “Well, you don’t see that every day!” and chuckle with her sweet smile. I have seen her drift off in the most intense pain, as if succumbing to it, saying “God help me,” then losing consciousness only to recover later, cracking jokes and making the funniest faces you could ever imagine. Even more importantly, throughout it all she has cared and thought of others first before herself.

I share this now because somewhere out there is someone suffering much the same and he/she/they need encouragement. Right now. Hang in there… God bless you!

To learn more about urticaria pigments, or as Marie used to say “Put the piggie in the toaster” and mastocytosis… go to www.mastokids.org. To learn more about vaccine dangers… well I could list about 100 sites, so I will keep it to just two…www.nvic.org and www.vaccineinfo.net.

My family can be reached through those sites or you can message me on Facebook.

Feel free to share..

Virginia Young



PS After Marie suffered her reaction, we consulted a number of specialists. The general response was “WOW!” and “That’s the worst case I have ever seen!” Photos were made for teaching and textbook purposes.

At the time, she couldn’t keep food down. She also couldn’t stay awake on the massive adult doses of antihistamines which she worked up to over an incredibly short period of time.

So many people now have this story. I have repeatedly contacted every major media network as well as the rest over the last 15 years and I will continue to do so.

I think those who have it and care to do something with it are either still trying, or are overwhelmed, or have forgotten about it. I just keep praying and plugging away.

Some used the photo of Marie to try to promote the very vaccine that nearly killed her! They wanted people to think that she had meningitis and that she wished she had taken the shot. You know… same old song and dance. We squelched it, but this keeps going and well… so do we! LOL. I just hope I get to see the day when the likes of Dr. Offitt have to eat their words and – God willing – change their ways.

Bless you, All.


PSS This is Marie now. She is trying to get through college even though she is learning disabled – her fighting spirit is as strong as ever. The health she has now, improved but not recovered, cannot in any way be attributed to mainstream medicine… with the exception of the Gastrochrom she takes to control her symptoms at times. The Gastrochrom was always expensive, but after Obamacare was passed it went up to 2400 dollars a month (!) … which is how much it would have cost us if it weren’t for insurance. Marie is actively trying to wean herself off it.



– Meningitis Vaccine Reaction And Injury – Marie’s Story


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