How Computer and Mobile Phone Use Affects Our Blood

I recently came across a very interesting but rather alarming video called ‘Live Blood Analysis & Electrosmog’ by Magda Havas. I asked Magda for – and was given permission by her – thank you Magda! – to upload her video to my YouTube channel to make this information available to my YouTube and VINE subscribers. I also added a video clip I took of my live blood being examined under a microscope, shown on a monitor, as an introduction to the video. There are now practitioners offering live blood analysis in many countries. Here’s the video:

Detecting the presence of EMFs (electro-magnetic frequencies) and measuring their intensity with a meter is a helpful and important way of safeguarding our and our families’ health. Harmful EMFs are e.g. emitted from mobile phone towers, mobile and cordless phones, wireless baby monitors, computers, modems and so-called smart meters. Owning an EMF meter enables parents to monitor EMF levels at their child’s or children’s school, as Wi-Fi-equipped computer instruction rooms tend to have high levels of EMF. A mother in a school here in New Zealand was campaigning for the Wi-Fi internet connection at her son’s school to be replaced with wired internet, but I don’t know if she succeeded. In some places, parents have also been campaigning against cell phone masts being installed at or near their children’s schools.

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Neil offers some valuable education about the dangers of radio frequency radiation on his YouTube Channel ‘EMF Safety Zone‘. Neil says:

“It is important to eliminate cordless phones from your home and office. In addition, always hardwire computers with an Ethernet cord, disabling the wireless option on the modem or router. Be sure never to sleep with your cell phone on standby near your bed. Do not carry the phone on your person ready to receive calls. The phone shoots out powerful spikes of RF radiation searching for a cell tower every few minutes, even when you are not using it. This penetrates your entire body and punctures holes in the blood/brain barrier! Never hold a cell phone to your head, always use speaker phone or a headset (not a Bluetooth!). These wireless devices cause a major percentage of the health issues that humans beings presently suffer with.”

There are now also concerns that EMFs are contributing to the huge, largely vaccine-induced increase in the incidence of autism among children: Autism and EMF? Plausibility of a pathophysiological link. Discovering and eliminating sources of EMFs is therefore important, especially as continued exposure to EMFs will also make a child’s recovery from autism difficult if not impossible.

When purchasing a meter, one’s choice depends on what one wants to measure and how much one is willing to pay. Neil highly recommends the excellent radio frequency/microwave meter Acousticom 2 RF Meter which measures from 200MHz all the way up to 8 GHz.

Here are some helpful guidelines for exposure levels as shown on the Acousticom 2 Radio Frequency Meter:

– Below 0.05 V/m – Few people report ill-effects

– Between 0.05 and 0.5 V/m – Some people report ill-effects.

– Above 0.5 V/m – Many sensitive people report adverse effects.

– 2.5 V/m is 50 times greater than what some scientists regard as safe.

– Negative health effects are found at levels of only 0.06 V/m. Anyone with a cordless phone or wireless internet in the home is exposed to higher levels than this.


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