‘How to raise a healthy child in spite of your doctor’ – Dr R. Mendelsohn MD

'How to raise a healthy child in spite of your doctor' - Dr R. Mendelsohn MD 1


“I love this book. It is the first book that I ever read on alternative views to children’s health and it left me wanting to read even more on the subject. I am an R.N. and know that we parents should not just blindly put our trust in our pediatricians. We need to read to educate ourselves and take an active part in our children’s health–that is what Dr. Mendelsohn tries to tell us. We take our children to the doctor and give them all sorts of medicines for every little thing when we can handle lots of stuff ourselves at home–safely. Fevers in themselves are not to be feared, they are a normal part of illness in children (NOT INFANTS). He said this years ago and now I am even starting to read it in the mainstream press. If you like everything neat and normal, don’t buy this book. If you like a book that lays all the cards on the table, dares to be different and makes you think, YES buy this book. Because of this book, I have found a doctor who allows me to be part of my children’s healthcare not just tells me what to do and expects me to blindly follow it. Dr. Mendelsohn was a respected physician up until his death and dared to be different before alternative medicine was cool.”

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