HPV Vaccination: Cancer Prevention or a Biological Disaster in Progress?


Teenager hospitalised every time she has her period after HPV jab

Harry Readhead 5 Jul 2016

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Danielle (left) and Holly Oakley (on right) before vaccine (Collect/PA Real Life)

A woman says that her teenage daughter throws up with such severity every time she has her period that she has to be hospitalised, and believes the HPV vaccine is to blame.

Vicky Oakley, 44, said that 15-year-old Holly has chronic nausea and exhaustion whenever she gets her period.

Doctors have no idea what causes Holly’s illness, though her mother is ‘convinced’ that the HPV vaccine was the trigger.

‘Holly was unstoppable, full of energy and very high achieving – then she had the vaccine. Now, it’s like we’ve lost our daughter for the meantime,’ she said.

Holly in hospital after vaccine (Collect/PA Real Life)

Holly Oakley’s mother has left her job to care for her (Collect/PA Real Life)

‘Whenever I say I believe it was down to the jab, I’m seen as an anti-vaccine extremist, but I’m not. My kids have had all their vaccines.

‘All I can go on is my side of the story, and I’m convinced Holly’s health problems are a reaction to the jab.’

Holly played netball, rugby, rounders and football before May 2014, when she received the last of a course of three Gardasil vaccinations designed to protest her from HPV.
Holly Oakley can no longer play sport (Collect/PA Real Life)

Within a month, she had started throwing up, apparently without reason.

Mrs Oakley noticed her daughter’s health was particularly bad around the time of her period. She told doctors, who put Holly on the contraceptive pill and anti-nausea drugs.

When Holly failed to improve, doctors decided to stop her periods by giving her the contraceptive injection every 12 weeks. Mrs Oakley said this made Holly even worse.

Now, Holly can only manage four hours of home tutoring per week because work makes her so exhausted. She will have to repeat year 10.

‘Our lives are on hold,’ Mrs Oakley, who has now left her job as a finance director to look after her daughter. said.

‘We’re desperate for answers.’

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