In Remembrance of Jason – February 16th


February 16th is the date Jason entered the physical world outside the womb. I prefer to remember this date instead of the date he finally succumbed to the damage done by vaccination. I do this because I understand he came to my life for a purpose, which is to help me to understand this complex issue and do something about it. You need to understand that I have been a vaccinating parent and also a non-vaccinating parent and that I have studied this issue for over 30 years. I do not have any degree in medicine, science, PR, psychology or marketing, but I understand this issue better than most. You do not need a degree in anything to read the literature and see the corruption that has now become evident, but just a basic understanding that there are BIG profits to be made from your children never really being totally well. It is actually quite simple when you have lived it for so long. It is all about fear, control and billions of dollars.

On this, the 5th anniversary of the day of remembrance, I request that all parents of vaccine injured and/or deceased children stand up and be counted. AS I see it, by staying silent you are not fully honouring the purpose of your child’s and your experience in this lifetime. I believe you and I were given a mission by having the experience we have had. That mission is to educate as many parents as possible about the damage done and the dangers of poisoning our baby’s bodies with vaccinations.

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Most parents obviously want to do the best for their child, but they just don’t know what that is anymore. There are so many ‘experts’ telling them all sorts of things – they are confused and eventually most listen to those who do the threats and bullying because they are intimidated and lack the confidence to go against mainstream thinking.

It is your job as parents to look into this issue from ALL angles…not just the medical side, which today unfortunately, has sold out to the pharmaceutical industry.

Parents all over the world, please do your homework to make a truly informed decision! You have been lied to in your school books, history books and by the current drug company and government propaganda – vaccinations are NOT safe and effective – they are toxic and ineffective at what they are claimed to be doing – preventing disease.

If and when your child does react to a vaccine, it will be called a ‘coincidence’ by the medical industry as they keep their blinkers firmly affixed. Don’t be lulled into a false sense that ‘your child is vaccinated and is fine’ as some conditions, like cancer, can take years to manifest, once the seeds are sown. Others, like SIDS, happen quite quickly.

It is your job to investigate thoroughly and to question everything – your child’s life is dependent on it!

At 12 noon, on 16th February, wherever you are, please bow your head for a minute in silence to remember all those damaged, disabled and deceased from vaccination. Set an alarm on your phone and please tell others. Until more people actively educate the ignorant and fearful, we will continue to lose our parental rights to decide what goes into our baby’s bodies.

Nature knows best…not drug companies and their affiliates.

Please be part of the solution and not part of the problem!

Stephanie Messenger

PS You can read the harrowing story of what happened to my firstborn HERE

Stephanie Messenger is the author of ‘Melanie’s Marvellous Measles

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