It is never going to happen to your child, until it happens to your child!

I am posting this so people will copy, paste, share and do whatever they need to do to get the word out. VACCINE INJURIES ARE REAL. Your child is NOT immune to them. They do NOT choose their victims. Instead we let them choose US and our CHILDREN. ALL the ignorant people that want to say, “My child will be fine”. Well, you better hope so because after you let them give your BABY/CHILD the vaccinations, you CANNOT take them back. Your BABY/CHILD WILL BE DIFFERENT. They will probably have adverse reactions almost immediately, but how strong these are, depends on the LITTLE BODY they’re going into. Are you really willing to take that chance with your BABY’S/CHILD’S life? YOU CAN NEVER GO BACK AFTER WHATEVER WAS DONE. If YOUR child is lifeless when you wake up the morning after the vaccinations, what and who are you going to do? Or are you still going to believe that the vaccinations those supposedly trustworthy, caring doctors gave your BABY/CHILD were safe?

They actually don’t give a damn about you and your family. They are not your friend, OR family. They want to make money. They want your money and they don’t care about the risks involved because they are doing their job, which is to administer these poisons. A job they get paid for. If they are not giving your BABY/CHILD these LETHAL INJECTIONS, then they don’t get paid. Each vaccine has a dollar sign ($) on it. The more vaccines they give a BABY/CHILD, the more money they get paid. How many times you let them inject your child determines how big a house or how good a vacation they have, what kind of car they drive, how flashy their jewelry is and how much money they have in their bank account.

Every single vaccine is one too many, yet we imagine that letting the doctors and/or nurses give our child between 24-48 vaccines is all right, but that’s only if one fails to appreciate what this does to a child. What if that child gets a lifelong illness, requiring our care and assistance for the rest of his or her life? What is one to do then? One may be tempted to take it out on one’s baby or child, but was it their fault we didn’t do the research?

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This is where I was at. I too was ignorant, thinking I was doing the right thing, that what I was doing was the best thing for MY BABY, that I could trust our doctor and what they were telling me and that the vaccines they were giving him were safe. I lost all confidence in myself in the process and on November 29, 2012 I took my 2-month-old son to get vaccinated.


Two days later, on December 1, 2012, he was gone. I broke my own heart, not having done the research that was everywhere for me to have and learn.

I never received a phone call or even a sympathy card from the doctor’s office that administered the vaccines to My Son and they knew he died. Do you know why? They don’t care. All they care about is that they have lost a source of income because My Son will not be back for another appointment. THEY are missing the money they would’ve gotten paid if My Son survived the 1st round of vaccinations; I am missing MY SON!”

Suzanne Fuhri


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