James’ vaccine injury – and an appeal for help

My oldest son was born in 2013. James was vaccinated in accordance with the Malaysian vaccination schedule, including the hepatitis B and BCG vaccine after he was born. He was also given some additional vaccines mandated as part of the US vaccination schedule as we intended to move to the USA. After he was given another Hep B shot at the age of one month, he cried very loudly and then just stopped, no sound, nothing. The nurse attending to him patted him really hard before he started whimpering again.

Thereafter, things really changed for the worse. He was crying non-stop every night from 10pm-2am. It was horrific, as he would turn very red from crying and screaming very high pitched. Sometimes it involved puking and peeing too. He was in severe distress. When brought to the doctor, the diagnosis was (as previously) severe colic. At 6 months, the supposed colic episodes were accompanied by night terrors. He was still having these attacks at the age of one year, but at our first visit to a pediatrician after arriving in the US in 2014, the doctor brushed off our concerns and told us he will grow out of it.

At approx 11 months, he developed a rash which went away. At 14 months, he had a fever and was given antibiotics as the doctor thought he had a ear infection. Two days later, he developed a horrible red rash all over his body. We went back to emergency and he was diagnosed as having a reaction to penicillin. He took 2 months to recover from that reaction, but the boy who recovered was not the same little boy he had been prior to this happening. We took him in to our pediatrician, as we were concerned that at two years of age, he was still drooling and having the presumed colic attacks. The doctor instead said we were not good parents and that we had to brush up on disciplining him.

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In May 2015, we consulted a naturopath who told us that our oldest son had in fact been displaying brain injury/damage signs since birth. So, it seemed that his whole 2-year medical history starting at birth had been a misdiagnosis, in that his so-called severe colic was in reality encephalopathy, which is listed as a vaccine reaction. The diagnosis was confirmed in December 2015 by a doctor experienced in dealing with brain injuries and by January 2016, he was diagnosed as autistic, due to vaccine-induced neurological damage associated with autism not being recognised in the medical field.

Now my oldest is in a race against time to try to reverse the vaccine-induced brain injury before age 5, as the brain loses it’s high level of neuroplasticity at this age. Malaysia however doesn’t have a compensation program, so his medical bills, special diet and therapies have made a huge dent in our finances. Both of us parents are furthermore currently his caretakers because he needs round the clock care, as his brain injury causes him pain and renders him unable to function normally: he could hurt himself, he doesn’t talk except in scripting or echolalia. Echolalia is one of the restrictive/repetitive behaviors some people with autism engage in. Echolalia is the repetition of words or phrases with no meaning or function attached to them. Sometimes this behavior is termed “scripting” because the words and phrases the person is repeating come from TV or movie scripts. He also isn’t potty trained, has problems eating and suffers from seizures.

James has had hyperbaric oxygen treatment for the past two months and we have noticed an improvement in his speech. As previously mentioned, the Malaysian Health Ministry unfortunately doesn’t pay compensation for vaccine injuries, while Malaysian charities aren’t too sympathetic to donate to James, as to them he looks “normal.” To make matters worse, James lost both of his sponsors who were contributing to his medical needs: his godfather, who was his father’s best friend, passed on from cancer in April; and his grandfather, who just died of a flu shot a month ago. Because of the financial pressure we have come under, a friend set up a fundraising page for James. Any donations, no matter how large or how small, are much appreciated, as they will hopefully help James to have a more secure future.



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