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Very simple.

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GMOs and glyphosate, “Agent Orange” pesticides are used to make us sick. GMO corn is in almost every food-like product. It has a built in toxin called BT that attacks our guts. Soy destroys our ability to procreate due to its estrogenic nature, and yet people are fooled into thinking it’s a health product.

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Soils devoid of nutrition. Read Pottenger’s Cats – in just 4-6 generations you can get rid of most of the population simply by recommending low quality food devoid of nutrition in the most harmful forms. For cats, all you need to do is cook their food. For humans, there’s several paths to take.

There’s no need for some catastrophic big event. The air, water, and food are more than enough to get the job done.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Remember when you were a kid, how when you sliced an apple it would brown quickly? Try it with today’s apples. Some of the newer ones are GMOs so they don’t go brown: they lack the antioxidants that oxidize. Without these, apples are just bags of sugared water. Even the non-GMO ones take longer to go brown as the wild types (crab apples) or apples from just 20 years ago.

Think mass market vitamins will save you? Look closely, they’ll do far more harm than good as they contain the cyano-versions of B vitamins, and cancer-causing folic acid.

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Think butter is bad for you, and I-can’t-believe-I’m-eating-this-fake-stuff is good? Guess what, the fake stuff is all trans fats. Corn, soy, safflower, canola oils are all actually heart damaging while lard, butter, cream, coconut oils and fats are actually heart healthy. Think that cheap olive oil is good for you? It’s probably fake and filled with canola or corn.

Type 2 Diabetes is a disease caused by high carbohydrate intake where your body can’t produce enough insulin to keep up with the carbs you consume. What does the American Diabetes Ass. and “my plate” (now that pyramids are out of style) suggest you eat? Why, more carbs! Pasta, bread, cereals, etc. “But it’s ok, because they’re ‘whole grain‘” Riiight! Once you digest them, they become pure glucose…

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Think egg-white omelets are brilliant? Think egg yolks will kill you? You’re totally wrong. Egg whites contain methionine which will raise your homocysteine levels and cause CVD. Egg yolks contain B vitamins and folate to counter that damage and are good for your heart. Cholesterol isn’t your enemy, every cell membrane is composed of it and it’s required for repairs. Declaring war on cholesterol is like declaring war on the firemen because wherever there’s a fire you see the firemen. In reality they’re there to fix it, and they’re also part of your immune system. People with the lowest cholesterol levels have the highest mortality. Statins destroy heart tissue, muscles, and brain tissue.

Big medicine won’t save you, they want returning subscribers to expensive medicine and lots of co-pay producing visits, not cures. You’ll find “rent-seeking behavior” in every corporate mind, because that’s guaranteed income. One time cures are not. There’s no money in those!

No need for spectacular catastrophic events. 3-4 generations of this and most of the planet will be freed of most humans.

The guys “in charge”? They’re eating organic, pasture raised, grass-fed foods, wild caught fish. What? You thought they do canola and GMO corn? Even Monsanto’s cafeteria offers organic, non-GMO food.

What are you eating?



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