Laura Hayes: “Vaccines – what is there to be pro about?”

by mother of vaccine-injured children LAURA HAYES, who is one of the best speakers and activists on the safety and efficacy of vaccines

VLA COMMENT: VLA has been in the business of collecting data, articles and you tubes on vaccines since the 90s. This speech by Laura Hayes taken from the Weston A. Price Foundation conference in Nov. 2016, in my opinion, is the single most profound synopsis of the Vaccine issue I have every heard. This speech is 1 hr 20 min. I urge everyone in ear shot of my voice to take the time and get blown away; to pretend that they went to the conference, didn’t have to pay and are at the conference yet still remaining in the comfort of their living room. Laura Hayes’ lecture should be played at every state legislature with full legislator presence…but that might be quite a task unless you are the Pope.

I would therefore suggest that this video, like a TED talk, be played in small groups of legislators.

Do You Want to Remain Informed about the Latest Vaccine News?

Lots of legislators in Iowa for example, stay at hotels or housing in Des Moines during the legislative session. One would think that these men and women might like a private screening, a little wine and some pate on one of those cold lonely nights.

Every town library, near the capitol buildings will have a room with audio video equipment. And usually they will also allow snacks. Another alternative is to get a legislator to hold it at a private room at the capitol. See if that is possible. He or she can sent out a colleague letter invitation.

I would guarantee that once one group sees this that they would help organized other group of their colleague legislators. That is how profound this is !

And what about the principles, administrator and supervisors at schools as a group – one cold night, with popcorn.

After you see this video, here is the transcript of the speech in .doc form so that you can cut and paste different sections for your use in articles, Facebook strategies or invitations to the video lecture at your library. I suggest when putting this on Facebook you consider focusing on some purposeful action such as but not limited to the suggestions above.



Age of Autism complete video and transcript of Laura Hayes lecture in one

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