List of Practicing Doctors Supportive of Non-Vaccinating Parents (USA)

Congratulations of you intend to keep your child or children vaccine-free because it is in our estimation the only safe and sane option!

If you live in the USA and want to exempt your child from vaccination, look up this web page to find out what exemptions for birth and school are available in your state:

Here is some more information pertaining to vaccine exemptions in the USA:
– Freedom of Choice an Innate Right, NOT a Privilege

Do You Want to Remain Informed about the Latest Vaccine News?

In the USA, an increasing number of doctors refuse to keep non-vaccinating families on their books because if they fail to vaccinate a certain percentage of the children enrolled in their practice, they miss out on substantial financial bonuses provided to them to achieve high vaccination rates.

As someone once pointed out, if your doctor refuses to provide your family with his or her services, be glad that a dysfunctional relationship has come to an end!

What to do? Here are three options:

1. Learn to play an active part in your child’s health care by becoming well informed. This book by Dr Robert S Mendelsohn MD is a great resource in this regard:

Dr L Palevsky is also a highly recommended source of information:
– Child Health and Caring for a Sick Child – Dr Lawrence Palevsky MD

2. Avail yourself of the services of a homeopath, naturopath and / or chiropractor in preference to those of a medical doctor whenever possible.

3. Find a doctor in your area who is supportive of non vaccinating parents. Here are some lists of recommended doctors:

– Naturally Nicole’s Complete List of Vaccine-Choice Doctors By State

– BEST Vaccine Friendly Doctor List – Liora’s List States Texas -Wyoming

– VaxTruth Anti-vaccine friendly doctors list

– Find a vaccine-friendly doctor

– Vaclib list of vaccine-friendly doctors

Here are some further internet research options:

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