Lists of Doctors Supportive of Non-Vaccinating Parents

In the USA, parents who wish to opt out of vaccinating their children are required to provide a vaccine exemption for birth, daycare or school even though this requirement is a violation of parents fundamental right of freedom of choice concerning medical interventions.

Religious or philosophical vaccine exemptions are easy to get in some states of the USA, but less easily in others, such as New York, while in West Virginia, Mississippi and California, only difficult-to-obtain and limited medical exemptions are available. To find out what exemptions for birth or school are available in your state, click HERE

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Our recommendation is that parents learn how to play an active part in their child or children’s health care and to only consult a doctor if it is really necessary. We highly recommend the book “How to raise a healthy child” by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn MD as it provides parents with the knowledge and the confidence they need to deal with health problems they may come across while bringing up their child.

Depending on the situation, consulting a homeopath, naturopath and/or chiropractor may furthermore result in a better outcome than a doctor visit, especially as an increasing number of doctors and pediatricians refuse to treat the children of non-vaccinating parents because they are missing out on big bonuses if they fail to vaccinate a certain percentage of the children in their practice.

Parents are therefore faced with the problem of finding a doctor who accepts non-vaccinating parents. To make this task easier, various people and organisations have compiled lists of doctors who are accepting towards non-vaccination parents. Here are some of the lists:

– Naturally Nicole’s Complete List of Vaccine-Choice Doctors By State

– BEST Vaccine Friendly Doctor List – Liora’s List
IMPORTANT HOUSTON TEXAS INFO: 1) never, ever take your child to the ER at Texas Childrens. If you don’t vax on schedule, they have people from CPS there just waiting to cause trouble for families who decline.

– VaxTruth Anti-vaccine friendly doctors list

– Find a vaccine-friendly doctor

– Vaclib list of vaccine-friendly doctors

Here are some further suggested searches:

– anti vaccine friendly doctor list
– anti vaccine doctors near me
– vaccine choice pediatricians near me
– non vaccine friendly doctors near me
– find pediatricians against vaccines

Please report any pleasant (or unpleasant) encounters with medical professionals in the comments section! Also, please post the links to any other lists you have found and recommend.

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