Mercury in Vaccines Associated with Premature Puberty

Vaccines cause widespread reactions, illnesses, disorders, disabilities and quite commonly also death, to the point that in developed countries vaccinations now cause far more harm including deaths than the diseases the vaccines supposedly prevent.

Brushing aside all evidence to the contrary, the authorities however continue to assert that vaccines are safe and effective and that “the benefits far outweigh the risks”.

They e.g. continue to claim that there is no link between highly neurotoxic vaccine ingredients such as aluminium or the mercury-containing Thimerosal (or Thiomersal) which is 49.6% ethyl-mercury, even though critics have long pointed to the mercury added to various vaccines as one of the main causes of vaccine-related neurological disorders including the huge increase in autism.

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Vaccines affect human development on many levels, as Dr Harris Coulter has pointed out:

“The physical disabilities are only part of the picture. Much more important are the mental, emotional, and moral dimensions of vaccine damage.”

The mercury in vaccines is e.g. suspected to affect sexual orientation and appears to induce premature puberty.



“Our medical system is using our children for an experiment with an abusive and invasive technology. The foreign protein, viruses and DNA injected affect children’s genetic make-up and wreak havoc in ways we can’t even imagine. We can no longer remain complacent or trust that health authorities have our best interest at heart or know what they are doing. We can no longer entrust the health and future of our children to a system that has long ago abandoned its guiding principle of First, do no harm.”

Edda West of the Canadian organisation VRAN



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