Mercury in vaccines: vaccine industry run by psychopaths

Ancient assassins used mercury to poison their victims because the death always appeared as sudden, but caused by sickness. If the target was not murdered outright by the mercury, the mark was often left brain damaged or permanently crippled, which simply accomplished the job on another level. So why do some vaccines today contain lethal doses of mercury and why are vaccines, which contain brain damaging doses of mercury, titled as preservative free? Why is brain damaging aluminum an ingredient of most vaccines and the vitamin K shot? The team of assassins who worked directly for the Pope in ancient times were called The Knights Templar and their flag contained a red cross, the same red cross that flies above hospitals today. Don’t just remember the dots. Connect the dots.

Jason Christoff


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Government is based on the Latin govern (to control) and ment, meaning the mind. Government’s literal translation from Latin to English is mind control. The optimal form of mind control is based on actually destroying the centers of logical thought in the brain via chemical poisoning. Regardless if we’re investigating mercury teeth fillings or mercury laced vaccinations, all the way to reviewing mercury laced teething powders to mercury based antiseptics (like mercurochrome)……..the people who organize the dominance of others understand that heavy metals work best for destruction of the neurological functions of the slave class. Know the game and avoid the hidden toxins, designed to destroy your mind. The public aren’t defending themselves because they don’t know they’re under attack. Awaken and protect yourself.

Tammy Ogston








Watch the cruelty of vaccines first hand, as this young Thai girl is brutalised by the medical establishment