MMR vaccine shedding ruined my daughter’s life

My adult daughter Mary was vaccine damaged due to having her brains fried after changing her recently vaccinated baby, having come into contact with the body waste of her baby shedding live MMR vaccine viruses in its stools. She was first diagnosed as ADEM and then later changed to MS.

They are clueless and full of crap – they don’t know what it is except the Immunologist/neurologist specialist said it was caused from the live virus vaccine, but told us not to sue because we can’t prove it. He also said he sees a case of it a month. UGH! They don’t even tell caregivers to wear gloves when they change diapers. Murderers, maimers, deceivers!!!

Marie Campbell

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Watch the cruelty of vaccines first hand, as this young Thai girl is brutalised by the medical establishment