My Daughter’s Reaction to the DPT Vaccine

My Daughter's Reaction to the DPT Vaccine 1

After a normal birth, my beautiful, healthy baby went to the Doctor’s office and received her DPT vaccination. Several hours later, she developed a high fever and started screaming. She wouldn’t nurse, and when I picked her up to comfort her, she threw herself backwards almost falling out of my arms. This behavior continued all night long. In the morning, I called the Doctor who told me to give her a fever reducer. He said that she would be fine in a few days.

After a week, all of her symptoms were getting worse and I was advised to take her to the hospital. They probed and poked at her, while I sat in the waiting area with my other three young children listening to her scream. It tore me apart to hear her cry and choke during her barium swallow. They had no answers, just guesses and recommendations for more tests. Not one Doctor would admit that a healthy three month old child had suffered from the side effects of the vaccine she had the day before her pathological symptoms began. This was the beginning of a worsening nightmare.

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Shana stopped growing for nine months. She couldn’t digest my milk. The Doctors talked me into using formula and switching five times! When we realized it wasn’t my milk causing the problem, I was no longer producing it. She couldn’t move her bowels on her own. You physically had to pull the stool out, while she again screamed as if she had the worse case of colic.Shana also had laryngeal spasms that made her sound like she had the croup, daily.

Years passed and I continued to treat Shana with all of the recommended Homeopathic remedies.. Many of the symptoms gradually disappeared. Her weight and height increased, she was still emotional and socially behind the other children and had a cough that sounded like croup from the spasms.

At the schools recommendation, she was tested and was diagnosed as “learning disabled”. Soon after that we realized that she was completely blind one eye and the Optometrist said her right eye vision was in the hundreds. I don’t recall the number but I do remember him saying that she was losing her vision fast. I tried various remedies that fit all of her symptoms, but she seemed to hit a plateau. It was only after attending a class in epidemic prescribing that I realized that my daughter did have many symptoms similar to children with vaccine damage.

I enlisted the help of several Homeopathic Doctor friends of mine from overseas, and they taught me how to change remedies, which doses to use, and how often to use the intercurrent remedies. Her recovery was remarkable! She started to understand her schoolwork better and became more sociable. The cough or spasm also disappeared. She refused to wear glasses, threw away her contact lenses, and said her vision was better. Today, Shana has recovered the use of her right eye, now at 20/30 vision. Her left optic nerve is still damaged, but the right eye compensated enough for her to pass her test to learn how to drive. In every other area, she is completely healed. She has finished the tenth grade with good scholastic achievement. She is a devout vegetarian because of her love for animals. She’s quite the social butterfly, and one of the most passionate young ladies you’ll ever meet. Of course, no one in the family has ever had a vaccination since.

The beauty of this story is that Shana’s experience forced me to learn first hand how to prescribe homeopathics for vaccine related injuries. I have had the opportunity to work with countless families since then. At least half of them have fully recovered. Many have experienced far less severe side effects. Even in the most difficult cases, there have been less seizure activity and better communication with autistic children.

I encourage every parent to read before vaccinating and make a conscious choice based on knowledge and education. I recommend visiting Neil Miller’s site at to hear the other side of the story and learn your options. Homeopathic treatment can be used as an alternative to conventional vaccines, an adjunct therapy, or to help recover from damage. You can do a consultation right over the phone. If your child is autistic, he/she may be sensitive to drugs and Homeopathics, so make sure your practitioner uses hand succussed water potencies in low doses and has enough experience with vaccine cases.


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