My Son is a Casualty of the DPT-Vaccine

My now 30-year-old son is a DPT-injured casualty

My son was a normal and healthy child prior to being vaccinated.

61136_1464384084346_7936254_n Photo: My son before DPT (age 9 Months)

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When my son was injected with the DPT-vaccine in 1981, he suffered 10 days of fevers that came and went, accompanied by vomiting. He also regressed back to crawling, having started to walk at the age of 13 months. However, no one (including my doctor) believed me that this was caused by the vaccine. When my son was two-and-a-half years old, he was diagnosed with PDD – Pervasive Developmental Disorder.

Wondering what in the world PDD was, I went to the library and educated myself and learned that doctors were afraid to say “AUTISM”. I didn’t know about the compensation fund, as I was busy raising 5 children.

Now aged 30, my son continues to regress further, due also to all the drugs used to control behaviors.

63365_1464385844390_6174145_n Photo: My vaccine-injured son (at the age of 30)

For me, my nightmare continues with little help from anywhere. What about families like us who aren’t given millions of dollars for our pain and suffering??

Deborah A. Gies


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