My Son’s Vaccine Reactions and Brain Tumour

Featured photo: My son in his 6th grade

My youngest son almost died after his 2 month shots. The next morning I found him face down in bloody vomit, stiff yet limp and gurgling to breathe. I was told by the paramedics that in another few minutes he would have been dead.

After a week in All Children’s Hospital they diagnosed him with “an acute, life threatening episode of interrupted S.I.D.S.” I didn’t question it, and – not knowing any better – continued to vaccinate him. I didn’t notice any additional reactions – although I wouldn’t have known because I was so used to him being miserable – was told he had severe colic and reflux. He was always crying.

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When he was 11 years old, I was told by his middle school that he couldn’t start 7th grade without the varicella vaccine. He missed the first 3 days of school until I could get him in for the shot. On the 4th day – his first day of school – I got called to pick him up as he had a severe headache. On the next day and the day after it was again so bad that he was vomiting and had to be taken to the doctor with the ‘worst headache of his life’. He couldn’t tolerate sounds, noises, food, anything. This continued week after week while the doctors jerked us around… “it’s puberty”, “he must be having trouble at school”… etc.

I knew something was wrong, so I kept going and finally found a pediatrician who would take us seriously. He had 6 months of chronic brain inflammation since the day of his shot and within 6 months developed a brain tumor in the center of his brain, which he will live with for the rest of his life – as opposed to the possibility of a week with a normally benign childhood illness… Most of the doctors wouldn’t admit the connection with the vaccine, but a few specialists did. A healthy, athletic 11-year-old boy doesn’t become bedridden within a week of a shot because of puberty.

This is how my son spent the next three years.

He is now 18 years old. If someone had brought the possible dangers of vaccination to my attention after (or even better before) his 2-month shots, I may have stopped and he wouldn’t have had to contend with an inoperable brain tumor. Thankfully, my son has been pharmaceutical-free for almost 4 years now. He got off the drugs he was taking as he felt the medicines were killing him. We treat him naturally now and he’s had no inflammation, symptoms or tumor growth since getting off the meds, so he now lives a completely normal life

I started researching after this happened, almost 8 years ago, and I haven’t stopped since. I continue to research to protect my grandchildren and to share as much information as I can. I don’t care if that makes me unpopular or not – I share what I know every chance I get!! Parents need to know what can happen if their child is vaccinated, in order to be able to make an informed choice. When we were misled into believing my son HAD to have the Varicella vaccine before he could start the 7th grade, we were not informed of any of our rights to opt out.

Research before you vaccinate and learn your rights!!!

Ginger Holland

Ginger Holland

PS This is me and one of my grandchildren. He is 100% unvaccinated, almost 2 and has never been sick. .


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