Natural Versus Orthodox Cancer Treatment Controversy

There are two differing accounts of how movie star Steve McQueen died – one of them the official version as featured by Wikipedia; and this one:

Dr. Kelley was a highly respected alternative cancer healer who had succeeded in 1980 to save actor Steve McQueen from cancer with his metabolic program. McQueen’s cancerous stomach and neck tumors were completely arrested and had congealed into a lifeless encapsulated mass. McQueen was anxious to have surgeons remove the dead tumor mass and told Dr. Kelley over Kelley’s tapped phone that he “was going to blow the lid off of the cancer racket”. Kelley advised against the surgery, but McQueen insisted.

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While recuperating in the hospital following the removal of the dead tumor masses, McQueen had a late night visitor: a man dressed as a doctor entered McQueen’s room and injected him with a drug that causes the blood to clot The next morning, Steve McQueen was found dead.

McQueen was murdered because Dr. Kelley had succeeding in curing his cancer and the Big Boys of the Cancer Industry didn’t want a high profile movie star, who publicly eschewed conventional cancer treatment, surviving and lambasting the orthodox Cancer Industry.



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