Nurse Fired for Refusing Flu Shots, Sues Hospital and CDC

Law Offices of James Elsman Announces Suit: Nurse Refuses Shots — Sues Hospital, Federal and State Governments for $100,000,000 Claiming Flu-Shots Have Many Dangers and Questionable Advantages

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DETROIT, Jan. 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — A nurse was fired from her Hospital job for refusing to take the flu-shot on religious and health grounds, and is “blowing the cover, off many dangers of the flu vaccine,” says her lawyer, James Leonard Elsman of Birmingham, Michigan.

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Karen Bashista of S. Lyon, Livingston County, Michigan was a nurse for St. Joe Hospital, and was fired for not taking the flu-shot; though she offered to wear a mask, be moved to another floor and function, etc. She said “Hospital doctors got waivers of such.”

Elsman said this is the first suit in the U.S.A., which joins a termination with a major challenge to the efficacy of the much-vaunted “flu-shot,” because he is suing not only the Hospital, but also the C.D.C. (“Centers for Disease Control”) of the U.S. Government, and the State Community Health Dept.

Nurse Bashista continued: “People are just waking up to the dangers of flu-shots and other vaccination shots that we don’t question, because ‘government’ recommends such. Well, if government is so smart, why can’t they even administer Obamacare? Government is grasping at straws and many physicians know this, more and more. Why don’t they always take the flu-shots?”

Elsman said the flu-vac is made many months “before” the yearly-strains are even known, so it is a guess in the dark. “A shot into your body is putting an attenuated flu virus into you — remember when Piers Morgan of CNN actually got the flu, ‘right after’ some CNN doctor gave him the flu-shot on live TV? A scandal is brewing. There is no proof of efficacy, i.e. that it works in all cases. Medicine should be ashamed. Mrs. Bashista is standing up for all Americans.”

$100 million is prayed for, because the suit is a Class Action on behalf of all Americans in all States, concluded Elsman. “We will no longer take modern-medicine’s or the Government’s kool-aid. People deserve ‘informed consent’!”




I sent this e-mail to James Elsman:

Greetings to you!

That’s so awesome that you are taking on this contentious issue of health workers losing their jobs for refusing the flu shot, which is of course a gross violation of their freedom of choice concerning medical decisions and their right to make an informed choice.

I have a Facebook page called ‘Vaccination Information Network – VINE‘ which has over 87,000 subscribers and also a website of the same name.

I have attached some links to articles which may be of interest to you.

It would in my opinion be wonderful if you could take on the vaccine-industry in its entirety in order to shut this whole evil outfit down for good!

Thank you again for doing this – I wish you all the best and a successful lawsuit!

Erwin Alber

Vaccination Information Network


I got the following response:

we are going face-to-face with the corrupt CDC, so we need help. eric holder’s boys & girls rep them, and you know that obummer-care rewards compliance with the flu-vac innoculation.
jim elsman, j.d.
your VINE is beyond awesome!!!



Nurse Fired for Refusing Flu Shot Sues Hospital, Federal and State Governments for $100,000,000

Law Offices of James Elsman Announces Suit: Nurse Refuses Shots — Sues Hospital, Federal and State Governments for $100,000,000 Claiming Flu-Shots Have Many Dangers and Questionable Advantages

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