Parental Awareness and Vigilance Key To Creating Safe Environment For Our Children To Grow Up In!

I have just come across this in my opinion excellent article by Dutch ex-airline pilot turned activist Willem Felderhof. While to many if not most people life here on this planet may seem normal, more discerning people realise that all is not well and that the system is rigged against us and our best interests. Unless parents remain alert and vigilant, they run the danger of unwittingly becoming allies and agents of this profoundly corrupt and evil system. Unfortunately all too many parents fall in line with mainstream group think and brainwashing, with potentially dire consequences.

Vaccination is a good example of this. The article’s author briefly mentions vaccines, but in my opinion failed to give vaccination the attention it deserves as an integral part of the psychopathic elites’ global population control and global depopulation agenda. The article is nevertheless a great eye-opener, which will hopefully lead readers to further research the issues touched upon.

Erwin Alber
Vaccination Information Network

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Parents; the most loyal agents for the torture control Matrix.

by Willem Felderhof

February 20, 2017

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Our Children's Brains are being Destroyed by Vaccines