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Vaccination has been a failure and a fraud right from the beginning, starting with Edward Jenner’s useless and barbaric cowpox vaccine against smallpox he launched in 1796, but has been and continues to be promoted as a triumph of medical science because it is such a profitable enterprise.

Vaccines are falsely claimed to prevent diseases and to save lives. In developed countries, vaccines actually cause far more harm including deaths than the diseases they are used against. In developing countries, infectious diseases and vaccination programmes are both disastrous for malnourished children.

It follows that vaccinating doctors are a far greater risk to children’s health than the threat of diseases used to get parents to comply with the government-promoted vaccination schedule. To keep one’s child vaccine-free is in my estimation the only safe and sane option.

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Erwin Alber


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– Videos That Every Non Vaxer Should See!

– How many documentaries have to be made proving that vaccines 1) aren’t safe 2) aren’t effective 3) don’t improve immunity and 4) damage each and every person they’re injected into, even if the symptoms of damage aren’t clearly visible the day of the shot? How many? Is injecting children with toxins, because of a 225 year old lie, moral and ethical conduct? These documentaries have your answers. Knowledge is power. Power up.

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Once parents discover that vaccinations have been purposely formulated to increase neurological damage in all citizens, including children, in order to increase ease of governance over a chemically lobotomized population……..the conventional medical system will be wiped from the face of the earth in a matter of days.

Jason Christoff