Routine Birth Practices Exposed As Medical Abuse – Dr Todd Gastaldo

Here is a recent post about medicine’s bizarre birth-canal-closing fetish…

Who knows, the persistence of medicine’s birth-canal-closing/woman-on-her-back/legs-spread-in-stirrups delivery
position may have a sexual component.

Pregnant women: OBs are routinely closing birth canals up to 30%. It’s easy to allow your birth canal to OPEN the “extra” up to 30% – just roll onto your side as you push your baby out – BUT BEWARE – see “Just Beware” at the end of this post.

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“The most widely used and often the most satisfactory…[delivery position] is…dorsal lithotomy… in order to increase the diameter of the pelvic outlet.” [Williams Obstetrics 2001:316]

The authors of Williams Obstetrics KNEW this was a bald lie when they published it – because – beginning in 1993 – at my request – they published the simple grisly biomechanics too:

“[T]he increase in the diameter of the pelvic outlet occurs *only* if the sacrum is not forced anteriorly by the weight of the maternal pelvis against the delivery table or bed.” [Williams Obstetrics 2001:55]


ReducedOpening The graphics show how the sacrum and tailbone being pushed upwards while lying on the back or if in a semisitting position partially obstruct the birth passage.

ReducedOpening In birthing positions other than dorsal (on the back) or semisitting, the sacrum and tailbone are able to move out of the way freely as the baby descends because there is nothing pushing against them. Except for the side-lying position, these positions obviously also facilitate a gravity-assisted birth.
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Dorsal lithotomy – also known as the “dorso-sacral” position – forces the sacrum anteriorly – CLOSES the pelvic outlet up to 30%.

Semisitting – another common medical delivery position – also forces the sacrum anteriorly and closes the pelvic outlet up to 30%.

OBs are KNOWINGLY closing birth canals up to 30% and KEEPING birth canals closed when babies get stuck – and LYING to cover-up. See the Four OB Lies below.

Sometimes OBs pull so hard they rip spinal nerves out of tiny spinal cords.

Some babies die – some get paralyzed – most “only” have their spines gruesomely wrenched.

ALL spinal manipulation is gruesome with the birth canal senselessly closed up to 30%.

Note also: OBs are slicing vaginas/abdomens en masse (episiotomy/c-section) – surgically/fraudulently inferring they are doing/have done everything possible to OPEN birth canals – even as they CLOSE birth canals – up to 30%.

This is massive criminal negligence that sometimes escalates to criminally negligent homicide. C-section increases the odds that a mother will die. Also, some babies die – and MDs indirectly admit that closing the birth canal FAR LESS than 30% can KILL.

As usual, I am in favor of pardons in advance for MDs. As med students, MDs are TRAINED to perform obvious felonies. (See the Bonus Bizarre Williams Obstetrics Factoid below.)

(Note: The 2005 edition of Williams Obstetrics is due out next month, according to the employee at Barnes and Noble with whom I spoke.)


OB LIE #1. After MASSIVE change in the AP pelvic outlet diameter was clinically demonstrated in 1911 and radiographically demonstrated in 1957, the authors of Williams Obstetrics began erroneously claiming that pelvic diamaters DON’T CHANGE at delivery.

OB LIE #2. After Ohlsen pointed out in 1973 that pelvic diameters DO change – the authors of Williams Obstetrics began erroneously claiming that their most frequent delivery position – dorsal – widens the outlet.

OB LIE #3. After I pointed out in 1992 that dorsal CLOSES – and so does semisitting – the authors of Williams Obstetrics – put the correct biomechanics in their 1993 edition – but kept in their text (in the same paragraph!) – the dorsal widens bald lie that first called my attention to their text…

OB LIE #4. OBs are actually KEEPING birth canals closed when babies get stuck – and claiming they are doing everything to allow the birth canal open maximally. (ACOG Shoulder Dystocia video – also forceps and vacuum births are performed with the mother in lithotomy.)

See Make birth better: Dan Rather, before you leave CBS…

I noted some of the OB lies in an Open Letter to the FTC years ago…


MDs are violating AMA’s Principles of Medical Ethics, failing to strive to expose the OB fraud and deception, as in,

“[AMA physician[s] shall…strive to expose those physicians…who engage in fraud or deception.”

“[AMA p]hysician[s] shall…seek changes in those requirements which are contrary to the best interests of the patient.”

“[AMA p]hysician[s] shall…make relevant information available to patients, colleagues, and the public…”


“It is established obstetric teaching that a narrow pelvic outlet predisposes to a difficult vaginal delivery…”
–Ass-Ärztin Dr. Andrea Froschauer-Frudinger et al. [Br J Obstet Gynaecol 2002;109(11):1207-12]



Immediate cord clamping temporarily asphyxiates babies and robs massive amounts of blood from them and is likely causing some cases of autism and cerebral palsy, according to retired obstetrician George Malcolm Morley, MB
ChB, FACOG. (See quote below.)

Williams Obstetrics acknowledges this massive baby blood robbery – then (in effect) PROMOTES it…

Here’s the relevant quote…

“If after delivery, the infant is placed at or below the level of the vaginal introitus for 3 minutes and the fetoplacental circulation is not immediately occluded by clamping the cord, an average of 80ml of blood may be shifted from the placenta to the infant…Our policy is to clamp the cord after first thoroughly clearing the airway…which takes about 30 seconds.”
(Williams Obstetrics 2001:319-320)

This bizarre ROUTINE treatment of “every cesarean section baby” may cause some cases of autism and cerebral palsy, according to retired obstetrician George Malcolm Morley, MB ChB FACOG:

ACOG‘s routine treatment (B138) of these depressed neonates is immediate cord clamping to obtain cord blood pH studies. The child’s only functioning source of oxygen – the placenta – is amputated together with 30% to 50+% of its natural blood volume. Total asphyxia is imposed until the lungs function, and the depressed (asphyxiated, hypovolemic) child starts its extra-uterine life in hypovolemic shock

“B138 was first published in 1993. Every cesarean section baby, every depressed child, every preemie, and every child born with a neonatal team in the delivery room has its cord clamped immediately to facilitate the panicked rush to the resuscitation table. The current epidemic of immediate cord clamping coincides with an epidemic of autism.

“For the trial lawyers, it is essential that the ‘true genesis’ of cerebral palsy remains unknown, because that ‘true genesis’ (B.138) is a standard of medico-legal care…”

Note: Dr. Morley, quoted above, is failing to call it child abuse – and worse – he is failing to REPORT it as child abuse.

Obstetricians *routinely* commit child abuse – OBVIOUS child abuse that is sometimes paralyzing/sometimes fatal. By failing to report this mass child abuse, Dr. Morley is placing professional health above public health.

I will cc Oregon attorney general Hardy Meyers again (hardy… – but nothing will likely happen as the medical profession and the legal profession have created the medico-“legal” “just us” system – babies be damned. (I will also cc Disneyland DA Tony Rackauckas – his campaign manager was chiropractic attorney Michael Schroeder, a former California Republican Party Chairman who mail still be an Orange County deputy sheriff.)

PREGNANT WOMEN: Read that Williams Obstetrics bald lie again. Please don’t deliver semisitting or dorsal.

To offer your baby the “extra” up to 30%, just roll onto your side as you push your baby out – or use just about any other alternative delivery position…

JUST BEWARE: Some OBs will let women “try” alternative delivery positions but will move them back to semisitting or dorsal (and so close their birth canals the “extra” up to 30%) for the actual delivery.

And remember: When babies get stuck, OBs routinely KEEP birth canals closed the “extra” up to 30%.

Women should not have to ASK for the “extra” up to 30% – that’s just the way it is – so talk to your OB today.


Dr. Gastaldo

PS1 My thanks to Donna Young for calling my attention to the immediate cord clamping child abuse.

PS2 Sara gave birth recently and mentioned me in her birth story on I responded and forgot to explicitly state that I was honored to be mentioned in her birth story. Thanks Sara.

PS3 It is important to note that allowing the birth canal to open the “extra” up to 30% will NOT prevent all c-sections and operative deliveries – but it will likely prevent some. MDs have no business closing birth canals let alone lying to cover-up. Attorney generals have no business ignoring the grisly mass child abuse.

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