Smallpox vaccination destroyed my daughter’s life

Smallpox vaccine victim

This is my daughter Cathy, at about 6 and 9. The picture of her standing is before the smallpox vaccination. She had just been enrolled in the Windy Ward modelling class. The picture of her in the wheel chair with her legs in a plaster cast was taken after the vaccination, during the treatment by the medical mafia.

After 3 years of drugs, excuses and stupidity, I pulled her out of the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago and have a life-time of predominantly bad memories. I took her to Dr. Shelton’s health school in San Antonio, Texas. A long story short, she looked like death warmed up when I sent her to Texas. After fourteen days on a water fast and fourteen days on organic food, she came back looking like a picture of health, with improvements in her vaccine and drug-damaged body sections.

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I took her back to the Children’s Hospital for a look. I didn’t tell them where we had been. They did some blood tests and told me the good news: Cathy didn’t have any more RA, Lupus, or collagen disease. They were never sure of their diagnosis. I thought I would break the news and told them where she had been and the treatment she had.
Dr. Loraine Pockman (I will never forget that bitches’ name) walked up to me, looked me dead in the eyes and said, “If voodoo works, so be it!” and walked away. I found out the hard way that they haven’t a clue about the cause of dis-ease, or how to restore health.

My daughter was never right after that and died in a hospital in 2004 from an overdose of drugs, which I believe was deliberate. It’s too long a story to go into 30 years of details, but now you know why I am in this until the good lord takes me out.

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