Spiritual Wickedness in High Places

Food additives, vaccines and the explosion of chemicals that are consumed every day as “food’, “drink”and “medicine”are also designed to disconnect the pathways from five sense reality to infinite self.

The Illuminati want us to close our hearts and they work constantly to make this happen. They know that when we close our heart vortex, our connection with the infinite also closes. They want us to be dominated by the five-sense head, not the infinite heart.

Spiritual Wickedness in High Places 2
A physicist told me that the ingredients of some vaccines affect the para-thyroid gland in the throat in a way that suppresses the connection between the heart vortex and the throat vortex through which we communicate with language. Communication then becomes dominated by the flow of thought from the five-sense brain and lower mind.

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I know this may sound far-fetched to many, but this is the level of detail to which the Illuminati go to hold us in five-sense reality. More than that, they have to go to these levels of detail because being imprisoned by the five senses is not our natural state. Humans are like a ball in a tank of water – its natural place is floating on top. If you want to change that, you have to hold the ball on the bottom of the tank and keep holding it there. The moment you let it go, whoosh, it’s floating on the top again.

Spiritual Wickedness in High Places 3
Our natural state is multidimensional connection and so the Illuminati have to work constantly to hold us in disconnection though an onslaught of mental, emotional and physical means – mind manipulation, stress and fear, and food additives, vaccines etc. But all these are useless if we “think”and feel from the heart and view the world from that perspective. It overrides all attempts to disconnect us and we make very different decisions to those dictated from the conditioned, five-sense head.

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Love is the answer. It always has been, and ever will be.


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