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To the Rt. Hon John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand, the Rt. Hon Tim Groser, Minister of Trade, and the New Zealand Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement negotiators:

I’m concerned that you are negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement in secret, without public consultation. All I can find out about the TPPA is based on leaked documents and detective work. This is not acceptable. New Zealand is a democracy, which means that Kiwis have the right to know what is done in our name and to have a say. The TPPA will have a huge impact on New Zealanders, and we want to have a say.

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Make the negotiations public, and don’t trade away our future.


Stop the TPPA Become Informed and Sign Petitions! 1


To the Rt. Hon. John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand

New Zealand is a sovereign nation. We face many future challenges. It is essential that we can decide how we address those challenges to shape our future.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement will threaten that sovereignty by requiring changes to existing New Zealand laws and policies and restricting the future laws and policies that future New Zealand governments can adopt.

This agreement is being negotiated in secrecy. Its content will not be disclosed to the people of New Zealand and the New Zealand Parliament until it has been signed, by which time the terms will have been agreed among the twelve participating countries.

In addition, we understand that the United States of America claims the right to decide whether New Zealand has altered its laws to comply with the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and to require further changes to our laws if they have a different interpretation of New Zealand’s obligations.

We call upon the Prime Minister John Key, Trade Minister Tim Groser and the government not to sign such an agreement.



Stop the TPPA Become Informed and Sign Petitions! 2

Stop the TPPA Become Informed and Sign Petitions! 3

Please e-mail the New Zealand Prime Minister John Key [email protected] to let him know that you disagree with the TPPA.

For more information on the TPPA, please visit: and and watch this video:

You can also click on any of these Google Images for further information.


If you live in the USA (or another country included in the TTPA), please look up, contact and support organisations opposed to the TPPA.



Stop the TPPA Become Informed and Sign Petitions! 4


I don’t know if you saw the propaganda on the “Rethink” program on TV3 this morning about the draconian Natural Health and Supplementary Products Bill (modeled on Australia’s) that’s presently going through Parliament’s legislative process at present which is expected to be implemented in early 2015. Dr Shaun Holt, an Adjunct Professor at Victoria University was on the TV panel as he is on the committee also preparing the Bill. Basically this will mean in about 2 or 3 months time it will be the end of private people like us bringing in natural health supplements from overseas as all these products including all ingredients are going to be regulated and put on a “Permitted Ingredients List.” Basically the Ministry of Health is to set up a Natural Health and Supplementary Products Authority to oversee and manage the new legislation, where all Natural Health Supplementary Products (NHSPs) being imported, distributed or sold in New Zealand must have a “Product Notifier” either the manufacturer or the importer. The authority will prepare and maintain a list of all the permitted ingredients, at present about 5,500 are on the draft list. This is real “Nazi-style” legislation, because if you want to use any ingredient that is not on the list of “approved ingredients” the notifier must apply to the Authority. This is the culmination of about 9 years work by the multi-national big Pharma Mafia to get all vitamins, minerals and natural health supplements regulated, thanks to the general apathy and ignorance of almost the entire nation. The game is now just about up is it not! Obviously now is the time to stock up. By the way, Dr Shaun Holt, just happens to control a medical trials company, P3 Research, and he sees himself and his company as one of the foremost successful candidates to review and test these products in the new regime!! Money again! They can’t help themselves can they?


November 2, 2014

Please e-mail the New Zealand Prime Minister John Key [email protected] and the New Zealand Minister of Health Dr. Jonathan Coleman [email protected] to let them know that you disagree with the New Zealand Natural Health and Supplementary Products Bill.


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