SV-40 Monkey Virus in Oral Polio Vaccine Causes Deadly Cancer

Our son, Alexander Horwin, was a wonderful, intelligent and handsome child who loved life. He wanted to be with his mommy and daddy, go to school, grow up, and experience the wonders of being alive. He had many dreams and plans. His parents wanted to show him the world. After fighting heroically to survive, Alexander Horwin died on January 31, 1999, of brain cancer. He was “almost three,” as he liked to say.

Alexander was diagnosed on August 10, 1998, with medulloblastoma, a highly malignant and deadly brain tumor. Within three weeks of his diagnosis, he was tumor-free as a result of two brain surgeries. My wife and I found the best cancer treatment to ensure this tumor would not return. A medical doctor in Texas offered an effective and non-toxic treatment that had cured children with medulloblastoma and other brain cancers. We took Alexander to the clinic on September 21, 1998, and we were told that Alexander could not be treated because he did not meet the FDA criteria. Even after nearly twenty-three years of safe and effective use, this brain cancer treatment was not FDA approved and the FDA required that our son first undergo the “approved therapies”—chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. After these orthodox therapies were administered and the tumor returned, the FDA would allow Alexander to be treated with the non-toxic therapy.

Alexander began chemotherapy on October 7, 1998. Three months later, while still on his chemo protocol, the brain cancer returned and spread throughout Alexander’s brain and spine. On January 18, 1999, after an MRI, we were told that Alexander had thirty new tumors. Our son died thirteen days later.

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After our light and joy was gone, my wife and I were faced with three questions. We wanted to know why the cancer had returned and spread while Alexander was still on his “state-of-the-art” chemotherapy protocol. We also wanted to understand why the FDA would stop our two and one-half-year-old son from receiving a non-toxic therapy that could have saved his life. Our third question was why had Alexander been stricken with cancer at such a young age?

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