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Eric’s Story

In 1991 Eric was born a healthy baby. He was happy, never cried – well except when he was hungry – and had the biggest smile. Like all parents at 6 months we took him for his vaccinations thinking we were doing the best for our child. But in my gut I knew something was […]

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Mercury in Vaccines Associated with Premature Puberty

Vaccines cause widespread reactions, illnesses, disorders, disabilities and quite commonly also death, to the point that in developed countries vaccinations now cause far more harm including deaths than the diseases the vaccines supposedly prevent. Brushing aside all evidence to the contrary, the authorities however continue to assert that vaccines are safe and effective and that […]

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Homeopathic CEASE Therapy – Dr Tinus Smits MD

Based on his experiences as a homeopath, the Dutch doctor Tinus Smits MD devised a homeopathic healing system to address, alleviate and where possible reverse vaccine-related injuries and disorders, including autism. He named his therapy CEASE, which stands for ‘Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression’. Dr Smits worked and gained experience with 300 patients and […]

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