Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry

Original Review of Take Control of your Health

I was first introduced to the book Take Control of Your Health about 10 years ago, with it being distributed by some friends who claimed it was the Ultimate Book on Health found anywhere on earth. This was not a book readily found in book stores, and certainly wasn’t being promoted by the allopathic medical establishment, so it was being spread through word of mouth back at that early stage. With all of the glowing reviews I had heard, I was keen to have a read and see what this book contained.

I must admit that I became a convert after just a few chapters. The information was compelling, and the book seemed to contain the solutions for a wide variety of health problems that western doctors can not treat. When your medical course curriculum is written by the drug companies, there is of course a lot of bias that creeps into western medicine, and if they haven’t been able to patent a drug or invent a new expensive medical test, they just don’t offer treatments for a number of common modern medical conditions.

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After completing the whole book, I also agreed with the statement that this is the ultimate health book on the planet, and have passed it on to a large number of people over the last few years. It has been updated continuously, and is now in its 13th edition. It is a book that I recommend every single person read, because it challenges the mainstream beliefs on many health and lifestyle issues, and provides evidence to back up the claims. This single book can educate you more than 10 years of study in modern medicine.

The full title of the book is Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry, and in addition to providing life changing solutions for medical problems the establishment can not treat, it also features scathing attacks on many western treatments, and rightfully pointing out that they should be known as The Sickness Industry.

Western Doctors would rather give you a pill with massive side effects just to maintain your condition and receive life long sales commissions, then to actually treat and heal your disease. The author, Elaine Hollingsworth, provides ample evidence that many of the western treatments and downright dangerous, often kill and maim people, and should be banned instead of promoted by these so called Doctors.

Take Control of Your Health features a number of important warnings against commonly promoted medicines and even foods. There are also plenty of health tips and solutions to recover from a wide variety of conditions, or to maintain optimum levels of health and well-being. Some of the things you will learn from the book include:

  • Stop Breast Cancer and a number of other cancers
  • Prevent or Reverse Osteoporosis and Male/Female hormonal issues
  • Which commonly prescribed drugs can seriously harm or kill you
  • What routine medical tests and examinations pose major health risks
  • Learning which cooking oils improve health and which ones cause disease
  • The mainstream media’s lies about cholesterol and heart disease
  • Scientific facts surrounding the milk and calcium relationship
  • The widely promoted health food which actually causes a number of diseases
  • Deadly chemicals that the governments don’t care is in your food
  • Even more toxic chemicals that the governments want you to consume
  • The increase of Alzheimer’s Disease and how to avoid it
  • The new wave of Radiation damage being caused by modern society
  • Common foods which reduce your life expectancy and quality of life

Take Control of Your Health by Elaine Hollingsworth is a must read. If there is only one health book you read in your life, make sure this is it. I can not stress highly enough the benefits you will gain from the information contained within the book, and can guarantee if you follow the advice contained within, you will see a measurable improvement in your health, your well-being, and your life in general.


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