The Catone Family Tragedy

Nick Catone MMA & Fitness
Published on Oct 20, 2017

On May 12th our lives changed forever. Our 20-month-old healthy boy Nicholas passed away unexpectedly during the night. Our son’s autopsy report read, Manner of Death – “Natural”. There is nothing natural about a 20-month-old healthy boy passing away. Natural is not ok with us. We will never stop fighting for our son. People need to know the truth!


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Marjorie Madison-Catone
25 April 2018

One year ago…the beginning of the end ? I get so angry looking at this picture. I took my babies to an art class in the morning & then Nicholas had his “18 month well visit” for his final vaccine…the dtap. I cringe & get so upset when I see this picture…I wish i knew then all the knowledge I have gained now. My kids would never be at the pedi…in fact, Madeline has yet to return to a pediatrician since her 3 year old well visit (which she never was vaccinated) she hasn’t been sick in 2 years…I took the kids for pizza afterwards & then Nicholas napped. We hung at home the rest of the afternoon. I would do anything to take this day back…to never bring my kids to the pedi, never vaccinate them…no wonder every time my kids were sick, I couldn’t get into my specific pedi…I always saw her partners…who never stayed in the practice very long…in my honest opinion…my pedi only saw “well visit” children bc she knew she would be compensated bonuses from all the insurance companies for vaccinating her patients…outraged…I cant go back although I wish I could…? I pray my Nicholas knows I would never do anything to hurt him, that I loved him with every ounce of my soul, that all we ever wanted was happy, healthy, strong & beautiful children…which God blessed me with & our traditional medical system took away…Madeline & my new baby will never be vaccinated, will never see a pediatrician…& will be the healthiest children around ?? loving you Nicholas & hoping you forgive me for something I knew nothing about. ????✈️


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